Vertical gardening has some of the many benefits, which the avid gardeners can take the advantage of. Earlier, homes used to have bigger spaces and large patios to cultivate beautiful flower beds. However, the one cannot think of the samein today’s limited space options of the metro apartments. Most people live in urban areas, and the clever designs of planter boxes are a key to have your own micro garden.
Planter box gardening is an innovative, highly productive and effortless growing technique that uses a bottom-up approach for almost any kind of plant in both small and large spaces. This is much more enjoyable than the traditional approach of gardening and provides enough area to make the plant grow and develop properly. See here how vertical gardens can help you.

1.Planters maximize limited space: Planters serve best when you don’t have a wide growing space. Add a simple but stylish vertical garden on the patio wall or in the kitchen balcony and see how your space gets maximized.

2.Ease of accessibility: You can easily reach to your plants with the planter boxes. Processes like fertilizing, harvesting, pruning, and watering become much easier and convenient. Also, you don’t have to bend down everytime, hence it saves your back from the sore.

3.Plants stay healthy: If plants are placed up and off the ground, the air circulation will be improved. Hence, they remain healthy, pest free and less vulnerable to other diseases. Also, nurturing plants vertically will keep them distanced from pets and other wild animals digging the garden grounds.

4.Visual appeal is enhanced: Planters have an understated profile, which makes them look one-of-a-kind in your garden space. Either you add a single unit big enough to make an impact, or a series of small wooden pots at equidistant areas, the unit(s) will add grace, character and colour around. To have the WOW factor in your outdoor space, cultivate blooms of different colours and kindsin the hanging basket-shaped planters. This would help in brightening up the exterior.

5.Expansion of plants: There is no limit in growing plants in the
planter boxes. You can expand the number and the type of plants according to you. Just add the number of vertical units and you are done. Also, the boxes would look eye-grabbing when the count gets increased.

6.Shape the space: Be it the entrance or the framework of the garden, you can give shape to the space with planters and define the boundaries. It also gives a sense of enclosure and seclusion.

7.Health improver: If the research is believed to be true, plants help in improving the air quality and health. They remove the absorbing pollutants that constantly enter the house from external sources. So one should grow plants vertically in small spaces like balconies, near windows, front entrance and walls. You will definitely find a big difference in your health.

8.Less water: Needless to say, gardening in the ground takes more water than gardening in the flower pots. Larger surface area requires frequent watering as the soil dries out quickly while in the latter case, with less water you can reach the roots easily and this also makes the soil wet for a longer period. Evaporation takes place only at the top layer of the surface.

Conclusion:Planter box gardening is the new cool people are opting as an alternative to the traditional ones. For many of them, it is more appealing as it doesn't include a back-breaking work. That's our list of planter box gardening benefits and why it is much simpler and manageable than its counterpart. Install wooden planter boxes to brighten up the dark and dingy corners of your abode.

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