Buying a mattress that offers great comfort and support is essential for a good night’s sleep. But not many people think of protecting the investment they have made on a mattress and underestimate the necessity of a mattress protector. It offers a lot of benefits apart from improving the aesthetics. Here are some of the reasons to invest in a mattress protector.

Increases the lifespan of the mattress: Human body perspires in the night and along with that their oil-producing glands which are also active in the night. On top of it a human body sheds dead skin all this leads to stains on the mattress. The salts that are produced while perspiring discolours the mattress and leaves spots on them. Additionally, it can also seep into the surface of the mattress and hence getting rid of them become quite a challenge. To prevent the ugly spots from happening on the mattress a mattress protector is useful. It prevents seepage on the surface and can be washed off easily. By using a mattress protector you can increase the lifespan of the mattress.

Keeping it like new: Purchasing a mattress involves considerable investment and you should do everything possible to prolong its usage as long as you can. One way to keep it in a ‘like new’ condition despite using it for many years is to use a mattress protector. It prevents all the dirt and grime from getting on the surface of the mattress. It also prevents damage of the mattress foams due to moisture and helps to increase life. These protectors can be easily washed using a washer and hence they can be kept clean and fresh.

Easy to clean: Imagine spilling some liquid on a mattress and the challenge of getting rid of it. Though there are many cleaning agents in the market which can help remove the stains it is still not an easy job. On the other hand, if a water-proof mattress protector is used on a mattress cleaning of spills and accidental leaks are easy as all one has to do is remove the protector and toss it to the washer. Your mattress is protected as a protector is water-proof and hence does not allow it to leak through it.

Prevents allergens: Human body produces dead skin and that is a great snack for dust mites. They feed on the dead skin and lead to allergies like cold, sneezing, runny nose and other ailments. To prevent the build-up of bugs and dust-mites a mattress protector comes in handy. These products are hypoallergenic and prevent dust mites from getting accumulated on the mattress, keeping it healthy to sleep on for years to come.

Protects warranty: Though mattress manufacturers like WakeFit provide an extended warranty for mattresses even a small stain can leave it null and void. To prevent it, invest in a mattress protector which prevents stains.

Increases the comfort: A mattress protector is made of a soft textured mattress which provides an extra comfort layer improving the comfort of the mattress below the protector. The mattress protectors are made of a material that provides warmth in winter or can cool the mattress in hot summer.

Having a mattress protector is like having a protective case for your smartphone. There are many mattress protectors online that you can buy based on your budget. Even the cheapest one can go a long way in protecting the investment you have made on your mattress and also helps to keep the mattress clean. Sleeping on a clean and comfortable mattress gives you better health and thus worth all the money spent.

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