Everywhere you go – from the small vendors to the big corporate establishments, you’ll see an Android-powered device in use. 

If you are a startup, it may be a little early for you to invest in Android app development; but if you are already in business and have seen growth potential in your company, it would be advisable to make this leap of faith with us by hiring Android developers for android app development services.

The thing is, there are new technologies in the market that are being released every day, and not all of these would sit well with your business model. You as an entrepreneur would only want what’s best for your business in the long run, right? 

According to Statista, the revenue from Google Play made almost 3x more first-time app instals in the third quarter of 2019 than the App Store, amounting to $21.6 billion during the quarter – a change that accounted for an 11% YoY increase from Q3 2018.

Reasons that make Android the best choice for Mobile App Development for Startups:

There are various reasons to invest in Android app development for your startup that include:

Greater user base

Android provides you with a huge market to cater to, and this helps you expand your business. With flexibility and versatility in terms of the tools, languages, and platforms you can use, you are guaranteed to reach a large user base with an Android app.

Easy availability of resources

Android is based on Java, one of the most widely used and easy-to-learn programming languages. This makes it easy to hire developers. It takes less time and money to train them, which means that you save a lot of your resources.

Most developers not only lend professional expertise to your startup idea but also do so at rates that are affordable and competitive.

Open-source platform

Android is an open-source platform that can be freely used, customized as per business needs, and made available for your users in the form of smartphones. 

Being open-source means it does not carry any licensing fee, which is a great benefit for all the mobile app developers and service providers out there.

Compatibility with multiple devices

With a majority of customers moving towards smartphones and tablets, it is extremely important for every brand to have an app that supports multiple devices. 

You would never want to miss out on any business opportunities simply because your business app doesn’t work on a certain platform or device. With Android, you will not have such problems as this platform allow businesses to expand their brand across devices.

Faster deployment

Because the duration of deployment for iOS apps stretches up to weeks, most android app development companies recommend choosing android as a platform. 

The android app development process should be a fast affair because the sooner the app is developed, the quicker the business will bloom. Having an app live on the Play Store takes only a couple of hours.

Build a customizable app

Building a customized app is one of the most popular ways of creating an application for your business. An android application development services provider can help you with this process and take care of all the technicalities for you.

Also, Google loves mobile-friendly websites through which the owners can get high positions in the search results. Even Google recommends having an Android app for businesses to reach a large number of target audiences.

Final Words 

In short, the Android platform is officially a mature market and has expanded the internet to the masses. The mobile app ecosystem is buzzing with excitement and can make any business flourish with more speed if it opts for android app development services.

This can only happen if you have an experienced developer or a reliable mobile app development company who can take care of your app needs.

If you have any doubt that your startup needs an app to propel business growth and to build brand recognition, then you should know that every business needs an app to flourish at a faster rate.

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