On the off chance that you are perusing this blog, the odds are that you either need to kick-start your profession in the IT field or you need to develop from being a manual analyzer to turning into a mechanization analyzer. In any case, you are at the ideal spot since YOU have to learn Selenium. I'm stating this since robotization testing has surprised the world and industry is searching for selenium affirmed experts.
On the off chance that such addresses continue, at that point don't stress in light of the fact that in this blog, I will give you 10 persuading reasons why you ought to learn Selenium.
On the off chance that such addresses endure, at that point don't stress because, in this blog, I will give you 10 persuading reasons why you ought to learn Selenium.
Open source/Free device

Backing for numerous programming dialects

Accessibility of Frameworks

Solid nearness in the DevOps lifecycle

Simple mix with different instruments

Parallel and appropriated testing

No reliance on GUI based frameworks

Adaptability while planning experiments

1. Open Special Source/Free Tool

Selenium is an open source instrument, which means anyone can utilize it for nothing. Any association can utilize Selenium to test their site or web application and even free software engineers can learn and rehearse robotization testing utilizing Selenium WebDriver.

The issue with other testing devices are that, they are either authorized devices, or their usefulness isn't in the same class as Selenium. HP's QTP, IBM's RFT, TestComplete, Ranorex are altogether exclusive (authorized) instruments.

2. Various Programming Language Support

Most devices in the market need you to be worked in one specific programming language. Dialects, for example, VBScript, Java, C# are among the basic scripting dialects required by different devices.

3. Accessibility of Frameworks

Systems are fundamentally the same as formats. You can make slight alteration to the code according to your prerequisite for various conditions, rather than rolling out discount improvements. There are different systems like:

• Data driven testing

• Keyword driven testing

• Hybrid testing

• Module driven testing and some more.

4. Solid nearness in the DevOps lifecycle

Selenium frames an indispensable piece of the DevOps lifecycle in light of the fact that most organizations are presently supplanting Agile or Waterfall approaches with the DevOps approach. Not many testing instruments qualify as a DevOps device in light of the fact that DevOps stresses on utilizing open source apparatuses.

Additionally on the grounds that the greater part of the product items grew these days are conveyed on the cloud, online testing instruments are the one's that are broadly utilized; this is the place Selenium fits consummately.

5. Simple Integration With Other Tools

Testing can be perfectly coordinated with other open source instruments. Since a large portion of the instruments utilized in DevOps or generally are helpful and open source, those apparatuses have a great deal of takers. What's more, when these instruments are coordinated with Selenium, we can accomplish robotization (Continuous testing in DevOps).

A portion of those device are Jenkins, TestNG, Maven, JUnit, Sikuli and AutoIT.

6. Parallel and Distributed Testing

Different Selenium Training in Bangalore Marathahalli tests cases can be executed in parallel on a similar machine or on remote machines. Selenium Grid is utilized for executing the experiments on remote machines. By performing parallel and dispersed testing, you spare time to run tests, execute the tests in a similar machine, or you can execute the tests on web servers.

Likewise, on the off chance that you are not intrigued to set Selenium Grid in your frameworks, you can utilize online Selenium Grids, for example, LambdaTest which encourages access to in excess of 2000 program conditions over which you can run your tests and genuinely robotize cross-program testing

7. No Dependency On GUI Based Systems

Since Selenium tests can be executed without a GUI, the tests can be completed on web servers and mechanization can be accomplished by booking it's execution by

8. Adaptability While Designing Test Cases
For planning experiments in Selenium, you have the adaptability to structure it either by means of programming rationale or by record and playback approach. On the off chance that you don't have the specialized information to content WebDriver code, you can utilize IDE to record your tests and fare the programming rationale to a proportionate programming language of your decision.


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