Since 2000, AsiaPay has been a global team operating in 14 offices across the Asia Pacific region. After trying many remote work processes and sharing platforms, we have learned what are the best practices that will make an organisation successful in building a forward-thinking and resilience team in these perilous times.

Remote work business model

We strongly believe that creating a remote working environment requires a high level of awareness, engagement, communication and investment in human resources, so that the digital products we provide to our customers and partners will be trusted, educational, inspiring and valuable.

Benefits of working Remotely

It can attract talent and resources from all over the world and maintain the workflow in a 24 hours’ cycle. AsiaPay’s employees comprises of people from multicultural background that have an innovative spirit and skillful performance.
It can improve efficiency and morale, enrich the imagination and influence within the organization.
An important part of effective communication is establishing clear reporting relationships, so that each employee should be clear about their roles and where their work is going. Besides, it is also important to share and communicate with the internal team and know their conviction through a compelling vision.
For employees, having a positive outlook in their daily work is essential by first having a work-life balance, which has become more challenging now, since there is now remote work practice. With the pandemic in mind, let’s talk about ensuring a positive collaborative environment for employees outside the workplace.

In this new Normal

AsiaPay is on top of the situation when it comes to implementing safety protocols and social distancing order for employees in the workplace. Having work safety measures, fostering creativity, and maximising productivity are some of the top priorities in a leading FinTech organization.

To keep our positive work culture for our trusted employees, we provide:

– A positive and comfortable working atmosphere.

– Working smart and leveraging time to create more value through technology

– Developing training, best practices and implementing employee ownership on a sustainable basis.

– We maintain a healthy work environment by having ‘Work-Life Balance’ for our employees.

– We hold workshop gatherings that let us meet team members from different countries and be able to share knowledge and build teamwork.

– We value the people behind our workforce by empowering them and let them take ownership in their roles.

More than that, in compliance with the safety protocols against COVID-19, we have implemented these rules in our office environment and ‘Work-From-Home’ setting:

Practice Work-From-Home & Flexible Working Hours
Ensure a clean working environment with continued sanitization and provision of medical supplies
Make effective use of online meeting tools and webinars
On top of that, we have:

Develop various “Learn-From-Home” training programs
Launch “Family Aid” program for employees with financial needs
Offer “Holiday benefits” after lockdown
In conclusion, trust, engagement and communication are important building blocks for creating a successful telecommuting culture. You must share and show how the team worked together to accomplish a task. When creating a blueprint for a remote work structure, team members need to have a clear understanding of how the team operates and monitor how the team members are working in real time.

About AsiaPay

Founded in 2000, AsiaPay is a premier digital payment solution and technology vendor in Asia, strives to bring advanced, secure, integrated, and cost-effective digital payment processing solutions and services to banks and e-businesses around the world. Our integrated payment services covers credit and debit cards, bank account/net banking, digital wallets, over-the-counters, prepaid cards and other digital means.

We are an accredited payment processor and payment gateway solution vendor for banks, and certified international 3-D Secure vendor for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover Global Network and UnionPay.

AsiaPay offers a variety of award-winning, multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-card, and multi-channelled payment solutions, bundled with our advanced functionalities including fraud detection, tokenization, data analytic etc.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, we offer professional digital payment service and solution with quality local account and technical service across 14 operative offices in Asia.

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