Learning should be fun. Rendering holistic feel learning becomes more meaningful when the fun quotient is high. When excursions are added to the syllabus, tutors witness an overwhelming response from pupils. The chief reasons why every academic institution must hold excursions to invite their attention are mentioned as follows.  

How Excursions Make Learning an Easier and Interesting Experience

Educational tours have a significant impact on students. A fundamental reason explains that science and art subjects require interaction with living and non-living objects which is possible when there is considerable exposure to these. Both interaction and exposure to natural elements boost grasping power among students. Besides, the experience can be enriched when teachers actively participate in the educational process. Some key reasons why excursions are considered an important part of the education process have been mentioned below:

Establishing the “Golden” Teacher Student Bonding

In conventional classroom teaching, the educator often focuses on completion of syllabus and in course of which they assess a student’s performance on the basis of tests. Also, it’s common for them to always have preference towards students who score high. Hence their interaction with performers remains steady while the rest of the class may suffer from lack of communication.

This can not only affect the morale of neglected students but may even have an impact on their overall performance. As a result a communication gap is likely to develop between both. Due to such neglect students may further develop a somewhat misconception about their teacher. However an excursion is the time when teachers no longer showcase their preference towards a particular segment of the class. During an excursion, teachers become more interactive with students as they communicate with each and every pupil without considering how they may have performed at an exam. This cooperation from a teacher’s end makes a learning experience more enriching.

Balanced Learning

Sometimes learning can turn out monotonous for students. Especially a serious environment only adds to boredom shifting interest of students. An educational tour on the other hand balances everything as it involves several fun activities like overnight camping, picnics, dance competition, trekking and dumb charades. Educational tours especially offer several first-time experiences adding to the overall feel-good factor among students. Besides, as students interact with various living and non-living objects an understanding is established between nature and man boosting learning experience among pupils. They can memorise more in a natural learning environment than a conventional classroom.

Building Self Confidence

A school excursion helps build a relation between teachers and students. Unlike the traditional classroom where half the students don’t receive as much attention as performers, an excursion can help a teacher focus on each and every student, evenly. Neglect as we all know affects self confidence and students are no exception to this. Hence, frequent school excursions in Brisbane helps boost their morale which gets reflected on their performance. During excursion teachers delegate some special task to students which they have to carefully perform. Sometimes they may even be asked to participate in team work. As we all know team work supports interaction and promotes exchange of ideas among students, thus a good bonding can be established among all.

Learning doesn’t only involve imbibing bookish knowledge but to foster social connection which is possible when there is more number of excursions included into the syllabus.

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The author runs a learning institute supporting school excursions in Brisbane and various interactive study modules. The author believes that such communicative approach to learning helps build character among students.