Marijuana is a dried leaves, seeds, stems, or flowers of Cannabis plant. Everyone knows it because it is one of the most used drugs worldwide. It provides a lot of benefits to a person but with proper dosage since side effects are present as well.

Some countries have fought for the legalization of marijuana because it has been proved that unlike any other drugs, weed can be a great help to the Medical field. There have been a lot of reports for cured patients due to using pot as one of their medications. The best contribution of marijuana so far in medicine is its ability to treat and prevent cancer. Many cancer patients have survived because of the help of weed hence governments are now allowing people to purchase or avail for a weed delivery from Cheapest online dispensary Canada but with of course strict regulations and prescriptions. Although the debate is still on the run regarding the legalization of marijuana, its massive use in the Medical world is already an enough reason for some countries to legalize it.

Why is marijuana used by Medical professionals?
Marijuana contains chemicals like Cannabinoid and Cannabidiol which are the reasons why people get high once consumed. These two are however the reasons why pot is used as a medicine. Below are the reasons why Medical practitioners use marijuana as a treatment to some chronic illnesses:

- Cannabinoids is proved to relieve chronic pain that is why marijuana has been commonly used as pain reliever.
- Unlike normal cigarettes that causes lung cancer, smoking weeds can actually cure lungs. It helps increase ones lung capacity rather than harming it.
- Marijuana’s chemicals are also used to stabilize blood sugars, lower blood pressure, and improve blood circulation hence a great help in regulating and preventing diabetes.
- As what I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s best contribution to the medical world is its ability to fight and prevent cancer.
- Weed can also help in controlling seizures thus there is now an ongoing study regarding its effects on people with epilepsy.
- Because it is a pain reliever, it can also help to reduce pain in the eyeball of a person who’s suffering from Glaucoma.
- Since marijuana helps in regulating moods and calming its user, it also aids people with autism to control their frequent violent mood swings.
- It can be used as an alternative for Adderall and Ritalin that can help a person who has ADHD and ADD.
- Even Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis can also be treated using marijuana. THC and CBD will enhance the immune response of the gut.
- Proper dosage or way of using cannabis reduces anxiety attacks. It helps users to calm down and stabilizes the moods which can also be a great cure for depression.
- The chemicals of marijuana are now even contained in balms or creams which are used by people who have an arthritis to ease the pain.
- Multiple sclerosis causes painful muscle contractions hence weed can help in minimizing the pain one is experiencing.

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As what I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s best contribution to the medical world is its ability to fight and prevent cancer.