Reasons Why Every Nurse Should Wear Compression Socks!

Everyone will agree that nursing is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Nurses often arrive at work before the sunrise and go back home at night. They spend their entire day on their feet, which can cause fatigue and muscle pain in the legs. This results in not only discomfort but to low work productivity on duty. Prolonged time standing causes blood to pool in the legs and feet. When standing occurs continually over prolonged periods, it results in inflammation of the veins. In the worst cases, the swelling may progress to chronic and painful varicose veins. The good thing is that we can prevent it by wearing compression socks.
Compression socks help in reducing pain and fatigue
Nurses should consider wearing compression socks to support them, achieving a productive day of work. Being on their feet all day, it results in the buildup of blood and fluid in the muscle tissue. This is why they are experiencing pain in legs and in feet. By wearing compression sock, it will improve blood circulation that will eliminate leg pain and fatigue. Compression socks also reduce swelling by helping the legs in holding the muscle tissue. Compression socks would be a help to eliminate the appearance of varicose veins. It is because of the comfortable pressure from compression socks. The good thing is that there is an after-effect of wearing compression socks. It will reduce discomfort when worn. Nurses will not be in pain as like before after their work. And they will not be very stressed unlike before that result in a more satisfying day of work. With these reasons, wearing compression socks must be considered by a nurse and will help them a lot in making their work very productive.
Try bamboo compression socks for extreme support
Most of the compression socks are made of synthetic fabrics. But, bamboo being incorporated to compression socks is safer than any regular compression socks because it is a natural fiber grown. It is hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and perfect for those who have sensitive skin. Bamboo Compression Socks can provide extreme wick protection while maintaining its fabric quality wash after wash.
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