Business or home, it’s hard to deny how epoxy floor paint can make a major difference to your property. When you want to install durable flooring, epoxy floor paint is a sure-fire choice for you. They can withstand harsh environments, weight and a lot of other factors which would otherwise be too difficult for standard floors. Say, you want to install a new floor in your garage, do you have any idea how you can benefit by installing epoxy coating on the floor? If you want it to look nice don’t go any further, just hire a professional who will get an epoxy floor paint coated on the floor. They are also a good choice for showrooms, where aesthetics is a major factor that helps draw attention of customers and clients. 

Epoxy Floor Paint Melbourne

Irrespective of where you may plan to have it installed but there is one primary question that you have to deal with every time it comes to installing epoxy floor paint. The question remains, “is it scratch resistant?” Want to know how durable epoxy floor coating really is? Let’s discuss. 

The strength and durability of epoxy floor coating

Still wondering what epoxy floor coating is like and whether it is as durable as the manufacturers claim? The flooring option is extremely scratch resistant and durable because epoxy comprises several different layers of resins and hardeners that can give a thickness or depth of two millimetres. 

These alone make epoxy floor coating extremely resilient. Experts are of the opinion that epoxy floor coatings can stand against scratching and cracks while protecting the foundation. Still have the question? 

Are epoxy floors scratch resistant?

An important factor that leads people to choose epoxy floor paint in Melbourne is its scratch resistant property. An epoxy coating lasts longer and not just that. It is scratch resistant too. Its composition or ingredients add to its strength which even make it scratch resistant. Like many other new flooring options available, epoxies are known for being abrasion resistant as well. It not just prevents the foundation from experiencing scratches but at the same time adds strength to the floor. 

How durable are epoxy floors?

Your next question as we see is, whether epoxy floors are durable enough. Of course, they are durable; that’s the main reason they are widely applied everywhere. Epoxy floors are resistant to a whole lot of things starting from chemicals, cracks to scratches and stains. Experts are of the opinion that epoxy floors are perfect for industrial applications. Their durability makes them a resilient choice for spaces where heavy equipment, tools and machineries are used. Epoxy floors are extremely impact resistant. They are mostly applicable for warehouses and factories where there is a non-stop use of space. considering the traffic at warehouses and other industrial set-ups to be really high and varied, owners consider getting the floors epoxy coated to add durability to the surface. Industrial settings are also where there is copious usage of vehicles that carry goods from one place to the other. That’s why epoxy coatings are offered to standard floors to ensure the latter doesn’t get affected due to heavy footfall or abrasion brought upon by machineries. 

The science behind the use of epoxy floor is, they have innate flexural strength which can extend to more than 10000 psi, which means their resilience is huge. However, if you want the floors of an industrial setup to be stronger consider adding a topical coat. They are also easy to install. 

If you ask us what all other ways epoxy floors can benefit you then, we will surely say that the flooring option is great when you want the environment to stay eco-friendly and clean. The topical coatings are a green choice as they don’t even demand the use of toxic chemicals. 

These are the reasons why epoxy floors are continuously gaining importance nowadays.

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The author runs a company manufacturing epoxy floor paint in Melbourne. In recent times the author has been shedding light on key aspects concerning the subject.