Why come to the Costa Blanca? Is it for the mountain walking or the deep sea diving? Are you a golfer or a history buff?

Many tourists from young couples and groups to older married couples and families have enjoyed their Costa Blanca Holiday Rentals, usually renting the apartment or Villa somewhere along the white Coast because of the country's favourable weather conditions and the assortment of activities that are on offer. Where climbing a Mountain or diving to the deepest wreck on the ocean floor are just a couple of the many wondrous things that you can do while here. Where else could you find yourself doing something completely different and almost insane than what you do back home or doing exactly what you do back home with the difference at least here you can do it in the sun?

It doesn't matter who you’re with, you’re sure of a great time. The mountain walks across the top where you could carry a tent and trek from one end to the other; with every turn something new will appear on the horizon, or just lazing on the beach: you can do it with your friends your family or whoever you wish. At the end of the day it doesn't have to end; while sitting on the balcony of your apartment or travelling to your nearest restaurant then enjoy a glass of local wine and sit and chat with your friends.

Accommodation is never a problem because there are numerous hotels, apartments and villas, where the hotels will offer all exclusive package tours allowing you the freedom of life without the need of a car. Or you could rent a car and an apartment which has its own private pool - and if you’re in a large group this allows you the luxury of saving a lot of money so that you can enjoy the finer things that life on the Costa Blanca can give you. And go whenever and wherever the fancy takes you.

The wonderful things on offer here cater to young and old alike: be it the theme parks dotted along the coast or maybe you’re a golfer then there are so many different greens to choose from. If you’re wanting the night life then Benidorm is the capital but there isn't a town or a city that wouldn't offer the same opportunities. The same could be said about golf where Murcia is renowned as the capitol for that pastime - and again there isn't a town or village that doesn't offer a golf course somewhere nearby. Or maybe back to the beach where all along the coast there are blue flagged beaches, each calling out to you, where white sands reign and blue skies beckon and the sun will give you that all forgotten tan. And if history is your thing there are many towns and cities filled with history where you can hear stories of old from the Romans to the Muslims, the Barbary Pirates to the Jews and the Christians. Hear how the white horse of Lipizza came to be or how an Italian Island people started a town called Torrevieja. Learning from our past helps to shape our future. Whatever you decide to do and whenever you feel like coming, your Costa Blanca Holiday Rentals is going to be waiting for you.

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I am an avid traveler throughout Spain, mostly in the holiday regions along the coast as well as the Islands of this lovely country. My pleasure is in finding those beautiful little Spanish villages and writing about them as well as the big holiday towns and areas. I have started writing for the website www.akilar.com recently about all of my travels and the places to go and things to do. This helps in the travel! Please enjoy reading all about Spain and the many things to do you would never think of and if your looking for a holiday as well then have a look at akilar.com as you can read more about my travels as well as booking a holiday villa from the Owners Direct. Thanks again for reading.