Ever Heard Of The Concept Of Upside Down Living Or FLIP LIVING?

Well, those who have been keeping abreast of the latest home design trends must surely have come across this concept.

What's it about?

In simple terms, the concept of Flip Living means - swapping the conventional living areas on the ground level with bedrooms or living spaces on the upper deck. This in effect indicates the FLIP style of living.

But many wonder: What's The Main Motive or Objective of Achieving This Kind Of Home Design?

The only rational answer would be to maximise the visual appeal of the property. Homeowners get a new way to unwind while enjoying gorgeous sunsets and uninterrupted views of the parkland, mountains, acreage etc.

Why Should You Opt For It?

Another way to put this is: Does Reserve Style of Living Seem Appropriate for You?

Usually, most double storeyed properties consist of separate sleeping areas upstairs and living areas downstairs. But the concept of flip-living denotes enjoying a sloping block that presents the best vantage points for scenic views. And any home designs which welcomes views into the residing space is worth the time and investment.

For this reason, many are changing their old beliefs and opting for this newer mode of upside-down living.

Some Reasons Why They Are Flip-Living Is On-The-Rise

One Can Connect With The Shimmering Surrounding

Most modern-day home buyers want a clear view of the outside surrounding. And keeping true to this popular requirement, reverse living home designs consist of a room-sized balcony that overlooks the awesome coastal/landscape backdrop.

  • On the first-floor, lies the kitchen set-up presenting an outlook of the scenic views every time and that works in making meal preparations even more pleasurable.
  • Whereas on the second-floor, one gets expansive outdoor scenery of the coastal horizon/or open fields with cool breeze entering into the upper premise. Furthermore, via the master bedroom space, one can get a clear vision of the main vantage point.

Scope for More Natural Light and Air Circulation

Along with its breathtaking visuals, reverse style of living also presents less obstruction of natural light from entering into the residing space. One can take full advantage of the sea breeze creating cross ventilation and drench their living space with plenty of sunlight.

In this way, one can make their living space environmentally sustainable and reduce their expenses on home appliances.

Super Efficient Homes with Luxurious Fitting Specifications

One of the most impressive parts of flip-living is that its energy-efficient constructions. It comes with large double glazed window designs, extended balconies for natural light and air to enter, LED lightings, installation of solar panels and rainwater tanks, etc.

Each of these makes a significant difference to the electricity bills and allows one to save some cash every month.

Furthermore reverse home designs also come with luxurious inclusion such as polished porcelain tiling, stone bench tops and bamboo or wooden floors. Ducted vacuums, top-grade security set-ups, super glossy cabinetry and other top-rated fixtures, also include in this unique home design concept.

Final Verdict

For those looking for quality allergy friendly homes in Melbourne, going for flip-living is one great option. In order to sort out the best home designs, one should get in touch with renowned energy-efficient upside-down home builders. They will make it happen quickly, reasonably and efficiently!

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The author has been helping many homemakers achieve their desired reverse living home designs. Having tons of experience in quality allergy friendly homes in Melbourne, the author also posts blogs and articles sharing some of those field experiences.