Smoking is a trillion dollar industry, recruiting new smokers on a daily basis. People don’t normally choose to start smoking rather they are brought in due to the social interaction and “cool” aspect. Thousands of people try to quit smoking however many fail and return back to it. It’s an addiction, which causes potentially life-threatening disease. Even though most of the risks of smoking are well known to smokers and non- smokers alike, these facts don’t deteriorate the amount of smokers out there. If you really are interested in quitting smoking but just haven’t found the right way, then maybe you should find your reasons. What is going to make you stop? Read on to find some reasons you should quit smoking. Make your own list of reasons, which may include some list below. Mark a day on your calendar that you are going to quit and stick to it. This will keep you motivated.

Overall Health- Smoking greatly increases your risk for disease such as lung disease, cancer, and heart disease to name a few. Once you stop your health will begin to improve and your risk will go down.

Breath Easy- Smoking constricts the airways, so you will breathe easier once you stop smoking.

Increased Energy- Nicotine stimulates and depresses neural activity. The flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients slows down in the body limiting your available energy to do things you like. Once you stop smoking your energy levels will improve.

Look & Feel Better- Smoking not only increase the signs of premature aging but it also can make you feel older too. Once you stop smoking your body will try to push out all the toxins left in your body from the cigarettes. Once the toxins are removed your body will be healthier form the inside out and you will see that in your appearance and feel it in your movements and actions.

Smell Better- Smoking leaves a fowl smell on your clothes, hair and breath. That stench goes away once you stop smoking and your sense of smell will return.

Save Money- Cigarettes are expensive but because of people’s addiction they continue to buy them even as the price continues to rise. Once you stop smoking you can save money and use it on other things.

Increased Life Expectancy- Once you stop smoking your overall life expectancy will go up. Your risk of potential disease, which cuts life short, will go down. You will be able to plan for your future, watch your kids grow up or do the things you always dreamed of or put off.

Stop Endangering Others- Smoking doesn’t just hurt your own health the second hand smoke has harmful effects on others. Reduce your family and friends risk by quitting smoking.

Prove its Possible- By quitting you are showing others that it’s possible to stop. You are telling others that cigarettes are bad and that you should stop smoking. You can enable others and encourage them to quit as well.

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Sarah Labdar graduated with a BA in exercise science and has worked in the medical field since. Her focus is alternative medicine and how it interacts and works in conjunction with traditional medicine.
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