Shopify is considered among one of the best Ecommerce platforms. It helps to grow business and introduce your services across the globe. Considered as the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, this platform helps to fulfil all demands of E-store.

This effective platform is easy to use and has turned as a foremost choice of the sellers. It is trusted by over 1,000,000 businesses worldwide. Shopify offers modern and advanced features with the motive to deliver the next generation and unique experience. It helps you to stay ahead in the market competition.

Have quick Glance on Shopify

-Shopify Inc. is a Canadian multinational e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario.
-It is also known as retail point-of-sale systems.
-CEO: Tobias Lütke
-Founders: Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand, Scott Lake
-The company reported that it had more than 1,000,000 businesses in approximately 175 countries using its platform as of June 2019, with total gross merchandise volume exceeding $41.1 billion for calendar 2018.

This E-commerce platform offers extensive features and functionalities such as fully web hosted, store management, and easy payments. In order to leverage all the benefits of the Shopify, partner with Shopify app development company.

In this blog, let’s know why you should opt for the Shopify platform for your business.

Reasons to opt Shopify Ecommerce platform for your online store

1)Easy to set up
Shopify Ecommerce platform is easy to set up, its users don’t have to face any hassle in the installation process. Along with this, they don’t have to sort any technical defaults related to Shopify hosting and development process. The major benefit of this E-commerce solution is, it itself offers full hosting service for the solutions.

2)Appealing Visuals
This platform offers users an opportunity to launch E-store with appealing visuals. It provides professional templates with unique themes. With the help of several templates, designers can integrate engaging UI and UX components, which helps to increase user experience.

3)Third Party Integration
It allows users to opt for the third party integration service. To add more features to Shopify-based solutions, developers can integrate new features through third party API. It helps to turn the solution fully functional and includes all essential and modern features to stay ahead in the competitive market.

4)User Friendly
Shopify Ecommerce platform is based on user friendly features. However, it offers a user friendly interface which turns this platform intuitive. In order to leverage the benefits of this solution, users don't require any technical support or knowledge.

5)Loading Speed
Speed has been considered as an essential part of the E-commerce platform. If your solution turns slow in terms of speed, there are higher chances that you might lose your users also as users can’t wait for two seconds. Here with Shopify, users don’t have to bother about speed as it offers high speed, which helps to load the features of the E-commerce website in a few seconds.

6) Powerful Marketing Tools
Marketing is the essential requirement of the businesses as it helps you to target the maximum number of customers. Shopify is integrated with advanced marketing tools such as SEO. Due to these reasons, this E-commerce platform is known as a complete solution and has the marketing edge. Furthermore, it offers extensive marketing tools which includes discount coupons, custom gift cards, and Email marketing strategies.

7) Mobile Responsiveness
Now, only launching the website is not sufficient. Nowadays, people spend their high time on Android and iPhone, and mobile shoppers are constantly increasing worldwide. Mobile apps have turned into a key to the success of businesses. In order to meet the modern business requirements, it is essential to have your app on Google and Apple store. Shopify Ecommerce platform offers you a mobile responsiveness feature, which helps you to serve your customers via mobile applications also.

8) 24*7 Customer Support
Shopify offers 24*7 customer service to their customers. Their experts are available day and night to sort out the queries of their users. Customers can connect with several communication modes such as live chat, E-mail, and phone. It helps you to resolve your queries instantly and run the online store effectively and effortlessly.

9) Easy Payment
Payment gateways have always been a major challenge for the users. This E-commerce platform helps them to integrate secure and scalable E-wallets. It offers several different payment modes to their customers and with Shopify to set up payment gateways is easy to set up.

These are the major reasons that business owners should opt for the Shopify. Above features help entities to meet with the online platform requirements. It is known as a one stop solution for the E-commerce platform, which helps to boost the revenue.

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Jane Brewer is technology consultant in leading mobile and web development company in USA known for quality and affordable solutions.