From the day one of incepting the consumer preview and release preview of Windows 8 Microsoft flaunts it as the Windows reimagined from the chipset to the user experience. Let’s take a journey through it, and discover how it will benefit the businesses to reimagine their businesses. Let’s focus on the Windows 8 Enterprise features with this Computer help guide. Apart from the basic features that are inherited by Windows 8 & Pro editions, Windows 8 Enterprise houses:

Windows To Go

Now, you can carry your own home PC at your office in a bootable external USB stick. Just plug this drive on to your office computer, and it will run with all the settings and features that you are accustomed to see and act. Your IT admin needs to manipulate the Group Policy to let you have the access to the corporate environment without compromising security.


Keeps remote professionals connected with the corporate network without any VPN connection and allows IT administrators to manage the compliance factors associated with the machine with the existing IPv4 infrastructure. Windows 8 enhances the BranchCache to streamline the deployment process, optimize bandwidth over WAN connections and ensure better security and scalability.


This is to deter any unauthorized users from installing or executing any external programs on your system or network thereby keeping system in compliance with the network.

VDI enhancements

Support for Microsoft RemoteFX offers the full Windows experience around the corporate network. End users can connect with the network through a wide range of client devices including rich clients, thin clients, and ultrathin clients. RemoteFX integrated with the RDP protocol delivers a rich user experience for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) by providing a 3D virtual adapter, intelligent codecs, and the ability to redirect USB devices in virtual machines.

New Windows 8 App Deployment

All PCs and tablets connected with the network will automatically be enabled to side-load internal, Windows 8 Metro style apps.

Enhancing the Windows Benefits in Software Assurance

To make sure that you get only the best from your investment Microsoft has enhanced the Software Assurance (SA). Thus, you can rely on the Windows 8 platform and can work, share and collaborate efficiently and securely to accomplish your goals.

Computer support service available from Microsoft, OEMs, and third-party service providers is to make sure that you are able to exploit the various features of the Windows 8 to the optimum. Straightforward tech support is available via phone or remote-screen sharing to fix any related issues. Experimenting with the prerelease version? Don’t give a miss to have backup of your entire data and settings in advance. This will help you to bounce back in case of any mishaps. Windows 8 upgrade has been revamped now, as you don’t need to separately install and run any upgrade advisor, as the setup file is capable of doing that. To make sure that software or hardware compatibility doesn’t be a wall, Microsoft has updated the Microsoft Compatibility Center with new products or their versions.

Microsoft’s self-diagnostic and repair tool i.e. Microsoft Fix It, built-in Windows Repair Options, and one-key Reset and Refresh option are to make sure that you don’t have to knock the door of Computer Support for any trivial issues.

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