The good thing about personalized bobbleheads is that you are not limited to create custom figurines based on your own photos. You can create any personalized bobblehead based on any people, animal, or object, depending on what you want. And yes, you can also create custom bobbleheads of popular people.

So, if you are a fan of some politicians, celebrities, prominent figures, sports players, or any other popular people, you can start collecting their bobblehead dolls without having to wait for some companies to make the bobblehead version of them. You can simply find a bobblehead supplier, submit the photos of the popular people that you want to make the bobblehead version of, and then wait until it is completed.

So, why should you do that? Why don’t you buy some merchandises that feature them instead? Here are some reasons to create your own custom bobbleheads of popular people:

1.Not All Bobbleheads Of Popular People Are Available In The Market

One of the biggest reasons why you should create personalized bobbleheads of popular people is that not all popular people will be featured as bobblehead dolls. Thus, you might not be able to find the custom figurines of some popular people on the market today. You might be interested to collect the figurines of certain politicians, but you might not be able to find them on department stores. So, you have to create it yourself.

With custom bobbleheads, it is possible to create the bobblehead doll of any figure. Whether it is a politician, celebrity, singer, or anyone else, you simply need to find their photos online and submit them to the bobblehead maker as the model for your custom figurines.

2.You Can Customize Them In Various Styles That You Want

Even though you might be able to find the custom bobbleheads of popular celebrities or sports players on the market today, it might not still fit your style. You might want them to be more expressive or having a different style, but you might find the available products on the market to only feature certain expressions and styles of them.

This is another reason why you should start collecting the bobbleheads of popular people by creating it yourself. This is the only way to get the custom figurines of them in various styles and expressions.

3.You Can Focus On Collecting The Custom Figurines That Really Matter For You

If you rely on some companies releasing bobblehead dolls of popular figures that you really want, you might need to wait forever for that. That’s why it is simpler for you to just create the ones that you want in the form of custom figurines. In this way, you can pick any popular figure and create a bobblehead doll for it without having to wait for some companies to mass produce it.

The custom figurines that you make will be unique to you since there will be virtually no other people who have the same custom figurines as you. You can choose the popular people that you want, customize their styles, and turn the bobbleheads into the best collection that you have.


Creating the custom bobbleheads of prominent figures is very simple. You need to find a supplier that can produce high-quality bobbleheads for you and give them the photo samples. You can order the custom figurines of popular people as many times as you want, with different styles and expressions according to your preferences. The result is the collection of custom figurines that really matters for you.

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