WordPress will help in working in a rather straightforward sense. However, it can prove to be pretty confusing for the first timers. WordPress will actually rely on PHP to call various parts of content from database management system. The basic function of calling or retrieving some data from database and then using PHP for displaying it in HTML is the main way WordPress works.

Through this entire procedure, you will always substitute PHP for various content parts and code. That makes editing a lot easier in long run. Once you are sure of the basics revolving around WordPress and how it works, it is time to deal with the conversion from HTML.

Various ways to convert HTML right into WordPress:

There are multiple ways in which you get to convert HTML into WordPress. They will come handy with various difficulty levels. Be sure to learn about those stages before finally starting the process to convert html to WordPress now.

• You can easily create a WP theme from static HTML. If you have a weakness towards old HTML website design, this is the perfect step for you. It can also prove to be rather challenging and will need coding. However, this step is not at all intimidating. You just need to copy and paste the old HTML code into various PHP files.

• You can use a child theme, properly adapted from current existing theme. It is one easy way to retain the design of your old website. Thanks to this method, you get the opportunity to use pre-existing WP theme and start building right on it. As one bonus round, you can further use the powerful features of WP now!

• Another way is to lose the design but keep the content only. If you are all set to leave behind that old website design and get a WP theme for that fresh start, this option might be the right one for you. All you have to do is just transfer content to its new place.

Make sure to create a folder first:

As the initial stage, you need to create new folder and name it with the theme. Later, you need to create two files under index.php and style.css and then place them inside folders. For covering a WP theme, these two are the only files you want. Now, you need to copy and then paste code from original CSS file into style.css file that you have just worked on.
Always be sure to work on the codes you need for the file. These comments will help WordPress to identify the theme properly. Now you have a ready-to-go style sheet for your use.

Next stages after creating a folder:

Once the folder has been created, you need to change the CSS of old website to the WordPress style sheet. Right after the header, it is mandatory to copy and paste old CSS code into file. Don’t forget to save the changes before closing it.

• After that, you need to split old website HTML. It is mandatory as WP uses PHP for pulling info from database. Make sure to split the HTML of old website into multiple pieces just to put them correctly later.

• Now, you have to change style to the WP format as next step to convert html website to WordPress .Try checking in for an existing link in the “head” section.

• For the next stage, you have to upload theme to WordPress. All files within the theme folder must remain in the same position. You can zip them up for that.

Benefits of this change:

What are the benefits associated with HTML to WordPress conversion that makes people go gaga over it? Let’s learn some of the reasons involved with such Wordpress Web development these days.

• WordPress is an easy platform to use. So, downloading and even installing core files of platform remains an effortless task in here while working on any modifications to interface in an easy way using the available dashboards.

• WordPress remains a quality platform for crafting some unique and customized interfaces, which you can easily distinguish from the competitors. It is possible as the framework is well-equipped with convenient and useful options for personalization.

• WP platform helps in enabling them to just access to that SEO friendly interface. The main aim of creating such website is to popularize business and expand user base, which can be procured easily with WP theme.

So, if you are new in business and want to expand your online opportunity, you need to convert HTML to WordPress. Let experts handle the task for you.

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