Nursing has always been a good and prosperous career path, but recently nursing has grown leaps and bounds in popularity. Every year more and more students work towards and eventually go into a nursing career. What is it about nursing that makes that job so popular? Keep reading to find out why nursing is growing in popularity.


As of 2013 the average salary for a registered nurse was $66,220. Salary does vary based on a number of factors. This includes time working at an establishment, promotions, certifications and more. In the US the top 10% of earners make a salary of $113,000, making a nurse's salary in the top 25% or earners. That $66,000 makes a nursing job a competitive salary making it a more appealing field, especially if you have student loans to pay off.

Establishment Flexibility

Health care and nursing are necessary everywhere, and because of that it provides many options in terms of where to work and what establishment you want to work under. For example a nurse can choose to work at a hospital, a home care facility, a school, and more. As long as you are a licensed or registered nurse, you have endless possibilities of where you can work.

Job Security

Nurses are always needed, and places are always hiring nurses. This is important because if you are looking for a job, no matter where you go, there will be options for you. This is key if you are looking to move, or are changing locations for a period of time. The security of the health and nursing industry makes it quite popular.

The Emotional and Intrinsic Value

Being able to help and support people can be the main reason for becoming a nurse. Being a nurse can be very difficult but also extremely rewarding. They get to be there for the good and the bad during a patient's journey. So, if an individual’s health improves, nurses get to experience the happiness and see the work that they accomplished. It is a hard job but experiences like that can make nursing the best choice you could make.

Flexible Schedule

You may get the graveyard shift at work every once in awhile, but overall the nursing hours can be catered to your needs. If you have a family and your spouse works during the day, you can work nights so you can get the kids out the door to school. Not to mention everyone needs to take vacations at some point so nursing provides the time and flexibility to work with you crazy life.


Nursing can be one of the best and most rewarding jobs. Although there are downsides, the growing popularity of nursing represents the need and importance of registered nurses. Not everyone is meant to be a nurse, but consider these points when you think about going into a nursing career.

What are some other reasons the nursing career path is so popular?

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Brooke Oberst is a health and wellness fan. She works in the field, keeps it healthy at home, and strives to have a fit lifestyle. After facing a personal health crisis, Brooke began to travel, bake, go outdoors more, and adopted her dog, Sidewalk.