Accounting personnel is always in the group of "hot" disciplines, preferred by many students when applying to study at universities. Hundreds, thousands of other jobs?

Accounting is a profession but also a science subject. Can you confidently answer your parents when deciding to apply to a school that offers accounting training? Below we will suggest the answers that are right for you.

Great job opportunity

Given the critical role of accountants in the economic and financial management of units, the  Law on Accounting stipulates that all teams in all fields in the national economy must conduct public accounting work. It means that any agency, business, or organization needs at least one accountant, depending on the size and area of operation.

You see a huge "job market," right?

On average, each business needs from 4 to 6 accountants to work. You try to calculate, not a small number, isn't it? Let's prepare accounting questions and answers that are right for your interview.

Fine job

The accounting work usually takes place mainly in the Accounting Department of the units. The working time is generally according to office hours (except for exceptional cases such as when the accounting report is prepared, it may be necessary to work overtime).

The content of accounting work is little changed, and when you are mature (it takes about eight months to a year depending on your ability), accounting work will become familiar, and it will be your pleasure.

This profession is considered very stable if you are female besides being a teacher. Of course, because of that, you also have more conditions to take care of your own family.

Professional working environment and dynamic working environment

Although the accounting profession is relatively stable, it does not mean that it is monotonous or boring. Your work must always follow and apply new policies and regimes of the State and new regulations of the unit on economic and financial management.

Being an accountant requires you to grasp new laws and regulations. It's fast to do its job. In today's fierce competition between economic units and mastering the accounting work, you also have to advise the leaders so that the team can operate more and more effectively.

The above task requires you to be constantly active, absorbing new knowledge and the accounting knowledge you already have.

The income of accountants is increasing day by day

It is a fact and an excellent reason for many of you to choose a career in accounting.

However, like many other professions, the income of accountants depends on each agency, organization, or enterprise. In addition, another equally important factor is the capacity and the ability itself. Try in each person.

However, the general salary of accounting staff today can ultimately make you create a stable life.

Be the person who creates trust for people.

A successful businessman once said: "I can only sleep well when I have a good chief accountant."

The assets of an entire unit are being "held" by you on the ledger pages using the accounting methods you've been trained in. You can answer any question about them: Where are they? How much is left now? How have they increased or decreased recently?… (This is almost like having your mother record all your family's expenses, so she always knows how much money you have left in your house. ).

More importantly, by calculating the profit and loss of the entity, you will help answer the question: Has the entity been using its assets and carrying out its operations as such? How to be even better?

By doing an excellent accounting job, you will create a trust for everyone in the unit through the accounting numbers you provide.

Would you like to receive such a sincere and trusting compliment? Right now, prepare the necessary luggage for a dedicated and professional accountant.

Have a good network of information and relationships

Making a career in accounting allows you to interact with clients and merchants. These relationships are very favorable for your long-term career growth. Besides, the chance to capture information for work also becomes open.  

Get learning online

Today, you can quickly cultivate more knowledge and skills for yourself through the Internet. Accounting is taught and updated most of the information online, so you can conveniently learn and revise new knowledge for work. The above is a summary of why you should choose the accounting professionI hope this article has helped you troubleshoot your doubts and worries when choosing a field of study. If you are interested in this industry, consider learning more about the field of accounting and pursuing it confidently.

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