In the business world nowaday, many companies are full of fear and anxiety about their future. The companies are reducing the work hours of the employees. In some companies, the productivity is a deadlock, in other companies, it had even gone down.

The employees of some companies were taken a paid day off each payment schedule. Other companies have their work days only Monday through Thursday, while others even cut the work days shorter.

The Impact of the Cuts on Productivity

In the business nowaday, there were two amazing reactions to the methods of reducing costs of the companies. The first reaction was unexpected completely.

While there were some companies losing the productivity due to the very few hours of work as well as poor work environment which it created, many other companies found the productivity in the work hours was even much higher than before applying the cuts.

There are two reasons why business productivity can be increased as a result of reduced hours in the workplace.

The first reason was the perception of employees who have less time available to finish the same work as before. They were moved to make a special effort to finish the job, and they worked even harder than before applying the cuts.

Moreover, the fear was a strong motivation. People worried that the cuts just began and there would be more layoffs continuing after that.

To keep the job, they can try everything. They work even harder than before just to make themselves worth-keeping employees.

The Negative motivations

Moreover, these two factors of motivation are just situations which can last for a short period of time. After being cut short the work hours, the stress levels of them would be reduced in terms of the amount of time received to do the job.

Soon after, whey returned to the internet world and their coffee breaks instead of going to work.

As for the fear motivation, it seemed not to take such a long time for the environment of work to be highly negative. The negativity tends to lower productivity.

Some companies have seen most of their employees spending so much time in the water cooler. And they keep complaining because they have very little money due to the current cuts.

Due to the negative atmosphere everywhere, no one wants to contribute anything to the overall productivity of the company. And after their fear stopped being the motivation for the employees, productivity would be lower as a result.

Some Useful Suggestions for Companies

Many companies may find themselves in this situation so they realize that they need to do something to control the morale of employees. That would be maintaining the positive environment of work, keep open all communication lines with the world, air things which can calm employees' nerve and bring them back to the ideal selves of them.

Make it clear to everybody. All of you are working hard together to overcome these difficult times. And this seems to be a way better than keeping fighting with each other for small things. In a relaxed atmosphere, the employees may calm down and then become productive ones again.

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