College algebra courses are probably the most dreaded requirement that students must fulfill. Research has shown that only 1 out of 10 college algebra students continue classes in mathematics during their college careers. That statistic is the same for those who are actually pursuing a degree and career in mathematically based disciplines such as engineering, some sciences or mathematics. For the majority of high school and college students, the study of mathematics is forced and would be avoided if courses were not required for graduation or admittance into degree programs. Online algebra courses offer the student the option of fulfilling this requirement almost in a vacuum, away from the rest of the college experience. By completing an algebra course online, the rest of a student’s course schedule can remain untainted and the enthusiasm for study undiminished. Student morale can be substantially preserved by enrolling in algebra courses online.

Many people have what they refer to as a "block" when it comes to the study of mathematics. This problem usually becomes apparent during the middle school and high school years. Students suffering from this block often fall asleep during tests or have to spend inordinate amounts of time on completing homework or assignments from math classes. These issues easily transfer to the study of algebra at the college level. By taking an algebra course online, the student is under much less of a time constriction to complete work, assignments and tests. Since environment also plays a part in the mathematics "block", online algebra courses also give students choices in establishing the best environment in which to study and retain course information. Taking algebra courses online allows the student to be more in control of the study situation and have the individual tools needed to fight the "block".

The best online algebra courses offer tutoring as a feature of the purchased course. The advantages of accessibility to tutoring for any student are obvious. The ability to consult a tutor without a structured schedule and in direct relation to the material being covered by the algebra course online is priceless for the online student. Since algebra courses online generally do not have strict timelines for the completion of work, tutoring can be more precise and effective in helping the student master the material.

In addition to the very real obstacles that online algebra courses help to overcome, there are practical reasons for taking an algebra course online. The cost of algebra courses online are usually less than half that of their real-world counterparts. In addition to saving tuition expenses, the online student may not be required to purchase a textbook for the course. Since online algebra courses can be taken at any time, the freshman student can take care of the requirement prior to or after the semester. This frees space in the class schedule for other options. This is especially beneficial for the student who will not be pursuing the study of mathematics or someone who has a "block" against the subject.

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