Trauma, inflammation, or abnormal growths may lead to neck pain on the left side. The human neck is formed of muscles, ligaments, nerves, and tissue supported by the vertebrae (the 33 bones that form the spinal column).

As the spinal column runs from the lower back to the base of the skull, the health of the cervical spine is crucial for the mobility and stability of the head. Improper posture and underlying medical conditions may cause the mild to severe pain on the left side of the neck. Treatment may range from rest and exercise to physical therapy and surgery, depending on the cause of the neck pain.

Neck pain on the left side may be accompanied by weakness or numbness in the neck, shoulder, or arm. The complex structure of the neck allows us to move the head backward, forward, and from side to side.

Daily activities such as standing or sitting posture and movement may cause temporary or permanent nerve or muscle damage. Being aware of the causes of neck pain may help in preventing serious complications, as well as identifying a proper treatment.

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