All of us know the reason for buying a term insurance plan is to secure our future and ensure that our beneficiaries gracefully meet their expenses in case of early death of the assured. This is an inevitable part of our financial investments and is a solution for our anxious self when we think of unforeseen circumstances and the trouble they can bring by making our lives difficult without sufficient funds. Having a life insurance surely gives us peace of mind.

No doubt our life and our earning ability are our biggest supports for us as well as for our family and without these our life is bound to become miserable. However, a life insurance policy is what can keep our family or dependents going smoothly and meeting their financial needs even after our income ends or we die. It is the best instrument which can take care of all this in case of any contingency like, our death, retirement, accident etc. as these are the barriers to our consistent income flow.

We must never wait for the right time to buy an insurance, as soon as we start earning, out “right time” to buy one starts. If one keeps on toiling and moiling over the issue, it will become a never ending thought. Action needs to be takes fast and now to avail the maximum benefits and avoid losing over precious time, which can help us earn more interest.

Following are some of the important reasons to motivate you further to take your buying decision for online term insurance well in time:

  • This is an easy way to a comprehensive life cover at an extremely affordable price.
  • If you buy it online, you can yourself check that you are getting an adequate life cover which is comfortable based on your liabilities and life-stage.
  • You can protect your family against any contingencies & uncertainties of life.
  • Experience a user-friendly and simple online application process.
  • Save time by getting your medical tests at your doorstep.

This is precisely why, these days, online term insurance plans in India are gaining popularity. They are simple to enroll into, save time, and are convenient, be it applying process or medical tests. Reliance Online Term is one of the best plans available to us and some of its much-praised benefits are as follows:

  • Find complete information online on
  • User-centric simple process oriented website
  • Flexibility to decided your need-based protection cover
  • Hassle free application process, simple application form
  • Tax laws provide for income tax benefits
  • Medical tests are arranged to be done at the doorstep of the assured to save time and hassle by a medical practitioner.
  • The medical tests charges are borne by the company at the time of the inception of the policy.

More than just an affordable policy, it is also a satisfaction that our dependents will stay financially secure even if we are hit with difficult times. It also gives us the peace of mind that our beneficiaries have a financial instrument to count on when our regular income stops.

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Ramanujan Sahay writes for which is amongst top 5 private sector life insurance companies in terms of individual WRP (weighted received premium) and new business WRP. RelianceLife provides health plan, child plan, protection plan etc.