Non-Muslims living in the west are the highest consumers of pig meat. They have always being wondering why the pig meat is not allowed in Islam. They keep asking Muslims that why they don’t eat pig meat. Surprisingly, even the majority of Muslims are not aware of the reasons why pig meat is not allowed in Islam. They simply state that Allah has not allowed it so that is why they don’t eat it. Non-Muslims never get satisfied from this justification. They always ask for scientific reasons of declaring pig as haram. In this article, scientific reasons of pig being haram in Islam have been mentioned.

Pig is considered as the filthiest animal. They can eat anything present in the garbage. Even they can eat their own feces. There is a famous saying that “we are what we eat”. Since pigs eat garbage so you can now imagine how much infected their meat would be. The meat of pig contains hazardous toxins and components which are extremely dangerous for our health. Since many countries in west commonly eat the meat of pig, hence Muslims face a lot of difficulty in finding halal meat in those countries. When these Muslims living in the west travel all the way to Saudi Arab through Low Cost Deals of Umrah Package From London as pilgrims, they feel a sense of relief because in Islamic countries like Saudi Arab, haram meat is not present anywhere and strict check and balance system is maintained due to which Muslims can eat that meat without any fear.

Pig’s meat absorb toxins due to which it can cause severe disorders. Recent studies have showed that pig meat can cause around 30 diseases in human body including trouble in bladder, typhoid, gastritis, etc. Also, pigs and swine are so poisonous that they can be hardly killed by a dose of poison. Even a snake bite can’t kill them so farmers open them up to rattle snakes sometimes. When a pig dies, its meat is eaten by the bacteria much more quickly than any other animal’s meat which shows how much vulnerable the meat is towards these bacteria. Moreover, there is no safe temperature at which cooking a meat can kill its bacteria and parasite therefore, in west, people often cook the pig’s meat by putting alcohol in it which is another haram ingredient for the Muslims. Lastly, pig has double amount of fat than beef which is extremely unsafe for human bodies so we can now clearly know why Allah has not allowed the meat of pigs for human beings.

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