Getting embarrassed when your friends talk of current news and you don’t have a point to make or an opinion to rise? Well, most people have the same issue due to their hectic work schedule. People don’t get enough time to read newspapers in the morning as they have to rush to their working place. That is why online news is becoming very much popular these days. The online news takeover is becoming evident among young people as a recent poll found. It has also been surveyed that mass of people are either gathering news from media conversations or from various social media sites. These social media sites are regularly updated with latest news from all around the globe. Getting such information at one junction has made it much easier for people to grab the breaking news at the time it occurs.

Newspaper readership has been declining over many years due to several reasons. The most prominent reason behind this is lack of breaking news. The newspaper readers get updated about any news the next day only, while online readers can grab it at the moment. Hence, long-established newspapers simply don’t have the efficiency to match with speed of internet technology. Not only online news is rapid in its process but moreover, it is easily accessible and earth-friendly. The online news bulletin emphasizes style over substance. Even most of well recognized newspaper publishers have embraced online news and are even using their websites and online news portals now. A user just has to open the site address in mobile and get access to the pool of information about latest news.

Newspapers are more quality centric and thus are more reliable over providing current news. But, as per current situation average consumer wants everything faster and cheaper. Moreover, with information bombarding them from all sides, they do not feel the need to have everything explained in detail. They simply need to be able to grab information, to use it immediately. Immediate news or so called breaking news can aid in immediate viewer response and can be useful in situations, which need call for rapid action. Social media sites have also proven to be one of the quickest ways to communicate on a large scale. Now, one can get information tweeted before the mainstream media start their coverage. However, it also emphasizes on stories which are not receiving mainstream coverage and brings them to attention. In India news channels have also combined live coverage of situations with keeping in view the public opinions, which is getting a good response among consumers.

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