These words are printed on a poster/chart designed to help one pierce the vial of reality so one may work with its parts to any end one may desire. The image is missing from this but can be found on my site.

Reality’s Window: The Balance in Life Formula.

Simple experience tells us that things tend to occur in threes. Equipped with this simple observation, the following chart can help you solve any problems you’re likely to encounter. You’ll know where and how to derive the greatest life from every situation, and you’ll enjoy a heightened sense of alignment with all reality.

To solve any problem, begin with this fact: a problem is simply something that is out of balance with your definition of what ought to be. Look for the opposites, and try to identify the one that is lacking, and then simply add to it until the balance is more to your liking. Most times, we call something a “problem” because we aren’t aware of the opposite that drives the problem situation. In this case, slowly and consciously add the lacking factor, while not disturbing the larger balance of reality, until a better balance for you is achieved.

When trying to identify the parts of a whole thing, first look for the exact opposites; then, look for the “unifier” of opposites. Make sure you’re looking at the parts, and not the whole thing. Red, blue, and yellow are colors, but color is part of something larger: the continuous spectrum of all the frequencies in creation. The following three-way word list can be read two ways. Horizontally, look for the following: One Opposite + Its Opposite (mate) creates A Force equal to a Whole Thing. Vertically, notice that the first opposites are somewhat alike, and so are the opposite mates. Finally, look at the third part to each whole thing.

Matter + Space + Motion = All that is

Red + Blue + Yellow = Visible light

Heavenly Bodies (Stars & Planets) + Distance + Motion = Time

Contraction + Expansion + Action = Motion

Receptivity + Transmission + Being = Consciousness Streams in Humans

Invisible + Visible + Sight = Perception

Negative + Positive + Distance = The basic forces of our Universe

Black + White + Rainbow = Analogy of the full spectrum of reality

Mind + Body + Spirit = A Human Being

Mental + Body + Emotions = Quality of Spirit

Yin + Yang + Energy = The Basic Motion Qualities of the Universe

Son + Father + Holy Spirit = Catholic focal points for knowing God

Proton + Electron + Neutron = an Atom

Center + Circumference + Area the two define = A circle

Inwardness + Outwardness + Living = The tendencies of the forces in one’s life

Unconscious + Conscious + Thinking = The mind

Now + Here + Be = Living in the Moment, a way of living

Past + Future + Present = Dimensions of Time

Concentration + Mindfulness + Observing Being = Enlightened ways of paying attention

Death + Rebirth + Life = The cycles of energy integrated with matter

Destroyer + Creator + Preserver = Metaphors for the basic Forces in Reality

Verb + Subject + A Written Sentence = A complete Thought

Below + Above + A Balance of Forces = Metaphors to remind us to be balanced

Your soul + Your Self-Image + Your energy = Your Personality

Mother + Father + Child = A Family

One person + Another person + Attractive Quality of Relationship + Beginnings of a Family (according to pure energy potentials)

Acid Foods + Alkaline Foods + 7.1 Ph level = Best Health Condition of one’s bodily fluids

Republicans + Democrats + Debates = Method of finding our best Solutions in U.S. Government

Stimulus + Responses + Processing of Impressions = Building blocks of behaviors

Mass (Traveling) + at the Speed of Light + Energy = Formula for converting Matter to Energy and Vise Versa (MC2 = E or E = MC2)

Nucleus of the Atom + The Electron Field + The strong and weak electromagnetic Forces = Electromagnetism

Amount of One’s Pessimism + Amount of One’s Optimism + Range of One’s Emotions = Quality of One’s Emotions

Concentration + Relaxation + Level of Intention = One’s Energy Level

Religion + Science + Philosophy = 3 principal ways to study Reality

Entropy + Positive Entropy + Forces of Life = Reality of Life

Antithesis + Thesis + Understanding = Logical way to find Answers

Inner Map + Metaphors + Self-study = Knowing One’s Self

Your Self-Image + Your Talents expressed + Quality of Your Talents = Quality of Your Being

Evil + Good + Events = Judgment of events that happen

Words + Images + Information = Means of teaching

We find the greatest quantity of life in the best balance of opposites in each life form; this balance we can think of as the third part. This third part is missing in many historical and contemporary descriptions of reality. As you read the above list, observe how the third part seems a bit unfamiliar, while the opposites are quite familiar (perhaps one more than the other). Extreme positions arise when one depends on a single opposite being more correct than the other. Learn to include the third part in your view of reality. When we learn to include the third part in our understanding of reality, we free ourselves from extremism and allow ourselves to be guided to our best life energies, best families, best societies, and best world.

The correct order of reality, for us, is illustrated by the image of light traveling through a prism. When we look at the glass prism, red is on the left; and so it is with us. We are emanating beings. We can test this with a simple experiment. With eyes closed, try to see from where your “seeing” is coming. You’ll find that it can’t be done. You can only look outward. We emanate energy, just as light emanates from a source. This flow of your energy from inward to outward is important in determining how you can become aligned properly in this life, so that you can shine like the sun.

This one-page answer to every problem comes with a warning. Anytime you separate reality into its parts, you risk upsetting the balance of everything that touches your own reality. So take responsibility for putting back together what you take apart. For some people, looking into the workings of life can be a dangerous activity. They can find help, whether professionally or informally, by talking to others skilled in the art of looking deeply into things.

1st Edition of Page One in, A Page of Truth wall chart poster series published by Balance Books. MCL Copyright © 2010

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