Today is a great day and time to assess your effort and willingness to continue on with your journey and really make a difference in your life. Are you ready to answer some down-to-earth questions regarding your movements and actions toward your goals? As you continue on your travels and work toward many elements on your journey having the wherewithal to continue on this pathway is a lesson in patience, faith in yourself and the ability to try each and everyday you are granted the miracle of life.

Why don’t you take a look at the following questions and pose an answer to each one. The more you answer “yes” the more focused you are and the chances of you reaping the benefits of the lifestyle you are working toward is massive. Of course, the less you answer “yes” equates possibly into you putting forth more diligence into those areas.

~Healthy Food Selection: Fuel your body with a gracious amount of fruits, vegetables, low-fat meats and dairy, whole grains and keep the sweets to a bare minimum.

~Portion Control: Measure your food if you need to and pay attention to your tummy when it expands and gives you signals to stop eating.

~Exercise: You have to move; you must get physical to fully reap the potential that your body has to offer and if you are searching for weight loss it is a no-brainer, period, no exceptions.

~Journaling: Writing things down provides you with the gift of reflection, giving you the power to monitor and adjust. Being accountable for you is absolutely priceless.

~Hydration: Water does a body good. Water maintains hydration, creates efficiency, provides energy for movement, wards off false hunger and creates the opportunity for greater rewards in the weight loss department.

~Self-Care: Take time for yourself to rejuvenate and re-energize your life. Just a few moments here and there works wonders for your ability to keep on truckin'.

Sometimes one of the hardest things we do in life is to turn the mirror on ourselves and take a look at what we see. Take a deep breath; always remember that it is never too late to step up to the plate and take a closer look at yourself, your movements and your encounters on your travels toward a lighter, healthier, more organized and calmer you. Are you doing the best you can to alter your habits?

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