Anxiety in a unavoidable event with modern lifestyles, and creates a sense of helplessness if it is lived with for long periods of time. All people in all walks of life feel some level of anxiety as a piece of their normal experience. Normally anxiety is felt in healthy amounts, it is a perfectly natural experience that motivates you to take action as appropriate. However, if anxiety is experienced excessively it brings with it symptoms such as shortness of breath, tight or sharp feelings in the chest, and other symptoms.

At the end of this article I am going to provide you with a short exercise you can do to feel better right now.

Naturally safe anxiety cures are remedies for anxiousness that provoke your system into banishing the repetitions of anxiety holistically without medication. Most natural anxiety cures are superior by not containing man-made poisons and the relating negative effects. Keep in mind, not every natural cure is on the same level. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that everything drug-free will work better than medication, however.

A few natural panic attack cures produce a broad reduction in anxiety, some will handle just a smallish part of anxious feelings, and some can comprehensively free you of your anxiety. Bodywork is a superb natural anxiety cure which relieves muscle tensions, relaxes you, and restores a regulated sleep cycle.
Insomnia or the inability to get to and stay asleep for the night is a common occurrence when feeling anxious.

To the surprise of some, Chamomile tea is one of the most popular healthy anxiety treatment. You can get the tea in small bags of permeable cloth, and it is fine to consume daily. Virtually all grocers in the US will have Chamomile.
There are herbal antidotes available which are holistic anxiety remedies. Valerian root is an herbal treatment commonly used for sleep issues. Valerian can be a good stop gap solution for those dealing with low level anxiety. Valerian is available both in gel capsules as well as suspended in alcohol (most common). While the capsule delivery can avoid the potent smell of Valerian, suspended in solution is the most effective delivery method.

Aromatherapy (or therapy through scent) is another unexpected item in the lineup of drug-free anxiety treatments. Aromatherapy is very pleasant; draw a hot bath with the essential oils and sit for 30 to 60 minutes! Common essential oils used as natural anxiety cures that are available are Jasmine, Rose, Cypress, Neroli, and Lavender. Aromatherapy tends to be quite pleasant and relaxing (it IS a warm bath with pleasing smells…)

If you're just beginning to explore what drug-free anxiety remedies are available, I suggest you try a few I discuss above to see which will be a great match for you. A Few of those listed do require you to integrate the practice into your schedule daily, but the peace and calm and improvement in the enjoyment of your life can definitely justify the extra work. Both proven and efficacious, breathing techniques are the most proven natural anxiety cures. They tend to be immediately effective and will produce longer and longer relief if they are used repeatedly and regularly.
Conscious and intentioned breathing is one of the most powerful and readily available natural anxiety cures there is. Breathing is the ‘first line’ to be affected at the onset of an anxiety attack. To change course of your emotions in a pleasant direction, it's difficult to beat intentioned respiration. Take a few minutes out of your day, each day, to inhale deeply, slowly, and intentionally.

How about some relaxation right now! This is easily one of the most effective and immediately applicable natural anxiety cures available. Unlike drugs (which includes valerian!), the only effects will be a calmness and a sense of control over your body and mind.

Start by placing either hand onto your chest and letting your arm really relax. Your hand should just be resting on your chest naturally. Let the deep rhythm of your breathing move your arm back and forth. Now begin slowing the pace of your breathing a little bit more with each breath. Pay attention to the sensation of weight from your hand on your chest. Without moving your hand at all, just become aware of the feeling of the fabric under the hand. Now as you slow your breathing down even further, notice how the cooling sensation as air flows in to your body… Continue breathing deeply and restfully, and enjoy how every breath brings you a bit more relaxation and comfort. That is now your tool to use any place that you want to feel much relaxed - DO IT!

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By Kris Calloway of Anxiety Details

Kris began experiencing prolonged anxiety and panic attacks over 10 years ago. As she struggled through a divorce and loss of more than one job, she was nearly devastated by her condition. After a very long period of self education, experimentation and learning, Kris finally discovered the keys to kicking anxiety. She now maintains a website dedicated to helping those that suffer from anxiety or panic.