A real estate lead generaiton company is launching a new program to connect more motivated home sellers with real estate professionals than any other company on earth and bring honesty back to the real estate lead generation industry.

As use of the internet has increased, so to has its value in connecting service providers with home owners. Now MotivatedRealEstateLeads.com is doing its part to help home sellers get in contact with expert real estate professionals nation wide. The company is launching a new real estate lead distribution system that will allow realtors and real estate investors to target specific states, cities or even zip codes.

The home seller leads are generated from one of the companies many websites or blogs. All the leads generated by the company are sold exclusive to only one real estate professional. Many other companies sell leads multiple times, making it much more difficult for the real estate professional to convert the lead to a transaction.

“Our goal is to connect more motivated home sellers with real estate professionals than any other company on earth. This new real estate lead program is our first step to achieving our goal”. Says Shaun Greer, founder and owner of the company.

With top placement on Google and other search engines for targeted key words like, sell my property, sell my house fast, and buy my house, the company generates thousands of home seller leads a month. Because their business model is not based solely on pay-per-click campaigns it boasts one of the lowest lead prices in the industry.

“It is important to me to operate an honest real estate lead generation company”, remarks Shaun Greer, the founder and owner of the company. “Too many real estate professionals have been taken advantage of from unethical lead generation companies, creating a negative stigma for the industry.”

Quality, targeted, motivated, are all words that describe the real estate leads generated from this new marketing system. Real estate professionals are able to target specific areas of their city by zip code and get in contact with home owners who want their help and expertise in selling their home.

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