Wow, it was a great workshop this past weekend in Los Angeles.

It made me see something about the seeking mind. When you really watch it in action, particularly on the task of seeking truth, it’s an amazing and beautiful thing to see. The “mind that seeks the way” can be so sharp and so persistent, and this directed energy can help one to uncover deeply profound truths.

What’s interesting is that these truths are not realized so much as the mind that seeks the way, but rather when the shift is made from the seeking mind to the non-seeking mind. As the non-seeking mind, my view is from the absolute, where the mechanisms of our apparent reality can be clearly seen.

Then, from this place, Big Heart arises, which is the Apex and from here we feel the pain and suffering of the world in vivid detail, and within the context of our own lives.

At the LA workshop, I witnessed the tears of joy and sadness that naturally arise when we have this direct experience of the true nature of our lives. It’s my hope that all people can one day see this, because from this direct experience, real change will come to the world.

Genpo Roshi founded the Kanzeon Sangha, an international Zen community in 1984, with groups and centers throughout Europe and the U.S., and is abbot of Big Mind Western Zen Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, which he founded in 1993. He discovered the Big Mind process in 1999. His newest book is Big Mind Big Heart: Finding Your Way. He will be holding a two week retreat this Spring in Salt Lake City, UT, more at:

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