Here are real secrets to manifesting your greatest life. They are powerful, practical and achievable. Pretty bold claim I know, yet I’m sticking by it!

These secrets are not just concepts to me, they have both saved my life and are at the foundation of the emotional healing and life transforming work I get to do with people today and have proven to be effective for so many.

These secrets are embedded both the Finding Radical Wholeness private session program and the transformational process that the current FIRE Of Wholeness participants are experiencing. I thought by breaking them down and making them simple like this, it would both be helpful to current clients, FIRE participants and informative for you.

So here they are; the most fundamental principles that I’ve discovered for permanently letting go of limiting fears and negative beliefs that prevents people from manifesting their greatest life. If this interests you, read on!

First, the underlying premises: See if If you agree with them or they are at least plausible to you. If not, thanks for reading this far but no need to read any further.

1. The life that we’ve lived so far, has given each of us a core wound (emotional scare and/or limiting belief) to be healed and a core purpose to be fulfilled.

2. This is the soul-work that you are meant to do in order to manifest your greatest life. In doing so you both make your greatest contribution to LIFE and find the deep joy and radical wholeness you seek.

3. Each of us has an essence, soul or authentic self that is connected to spirit. Whether you call it spirit, god, life, love or simply the evolutionary impulse, it’s an undeniable part of each of us and the source of lasting happiness. It is also where we can discover the unique gifts and talent’s we were born to contribute to life – the ONE true gift that you were born to live and give.

4. YES, you have ONE true gift to live and give to LIFE; it may seem as ordinary as raising children to the best of your ability, running a small business or as grand of an accomplishment as you can imagine. What makes it extraordinary is that by living and giving your ONE true gift, you are both raising consciousness and deepening compassion for all of us. How? You are fully engaging the gifts that LIFE has given you in a unique and authentic way that alleviates suffering and adds more love and joy. What’s more you are the only one who can give your ONE true gift in the way that only you can give it and if you don’t the world will never have it.

Here are some of the transformational secrets to manifesting your greatest life vision and what makes the FIRE Of Wholeness Breakthrough Experience so effective:

1. What keeps us stuck in the fear, doubt, struggle and limitations of our ego is resistance, the tension between attempting to suppress feelings of being “less than-not good enough” and attempting to impress others by attempting to prove that we are “more than, extra- special or better than them.”

2. Joke is on use when we engaging in inflating-proving behaviors; the more we attempt to impress, inflate or prove our importance, surly, the more we fail and thus reinforce the core wound or limiting belief we were attempting to hide, run-away from or over compensate. We can run but not hide, for long.

3. Any emotional wound or limiting belief that IS fully experienced on all four levels of consciousness: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually (energetically) is healed and released. We can then permanently let them go.

4. We can most directly accesses our authentic compassion through our personal vulnerability. Making friends with our Core Wound rather than avoiding, attempting to overcome it or trying to overcompensate for it, paradoxically, both leads raises consciousness and deepens compassion while leading us to our core purpose. Trouble is our ego is designed to do just the opposite, protect us from vulnerability. To be clear, the ego is not bad, just limited. A strong ego is a necessary part of our development into healthy adults and has created the greatest evolutionary leap thus far.

The ego is kind of like a parent to the soul. And as with our parents, we can appreciate all they have done for us thus far yet we must leave home at some point if we are to fulfill your greatest life vision. So it is with our ego, be thankful for it’s gifts and now grow beyond it.

5. When you can fully experience on all four levels of consciousness both your ego’s deflated fear of not be enough and your ego’s compensatory desire to more than enough and superior to others, you can be free to live from a deeper place of essence that is neither inflated or deflated but connected to the core purpose. When you are living your core purpose, there is joy, ease and what I’ve come to call the 5P’s of Radical Wholeness: peace, passion, purpose, power and presence.

Most of my early life has been dominated by fear, doubt, repressed anger and inner conflict. This led me on a transformational quest to do whatever it took to finally feel whole and be free. My journey led me to many wise teachers and teachings. Through the many lessons learned combined with the intuition, creative insight and strategic thinking that life has gifted me, I offer you the real secrets to manifesting your greatest life vision.

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Spiritual Psychology, Emotional
Healing & Transformational Life Coaching

What Michael is most passionate about is helping successful yet unfulfilled professionals become hero’s of their own lives by discovering the ONE true gift they were born to live and give, and give it in the most authentic and powerful way.

Michael has over 30 years of experience studying and working with emotional healing and transformation. He holds degrees and certifications in psychology, life coaching, theology, hypnotherapy, energy medicine, breath-therapy, shadow-work and emotional release practices. He is the founder of SOULutions and designer of several transformative programs like the FIRE of Wholeness Breakthrough Experience, Embrace Your Shadow, The Transformational Power Of The Enneagram and The Breath of Life. Michael has presented to thousands of people all over the world, including the 2006 Alliance for a New Humanity with Deepak Chopra.