Your words determine the destiny of real friendship. If you are like most of us, you have probably lost your cool and said unkind words to your buddy. Did you notice her reaction? She was probably hurt or angered. Words are very powerful things.

They have the power to deeply hurt another person. The words that you speak can have a big impact on you and others too. What you say truly does matter when it comes to real friendship.

You have probably said unkind words to yourself as well. Have you ever berated yourself and called yourself stupid or dumb? Have you said unkind things to your reflection in the mirror because you think you are too fat or not pretty enough?

These unkind words are processed by your subconscious mind and may even become imbedded there. This kind of self talk seeps into your subconscious and eats away your self esteem. And before long, you may have problems of feeling unworthy.

The words you speak are implanted in your mind and eventually reflect whom you're. If you continually say, "I am terrible at playing soccer," then you have a very hard time of becoming a successful player. You are establishing a defeatist attitude that leads to your eventual failure. When you have negative thoughts, they cannot materialize into positive outcomes.

Your words don't only harm you but they can hurt real friendship which you have with others. You may call a friend an idiot and then regret it. You apologize but the words can never be taken back once they are spoken. Your harsh words have deeply wounded her. She has taken the words to heart which have changed her forever.

Society today has made it easy for us to use words to attack, cajole, provoke, and hurt our friends. When we hurt them, we hurt ourselves as well. Hurtful words are easy to spew when you are angry, frustrated, or in a negative state of mind. And, even though you know those words have the power to hurt, it can be very hard to control them.

Keep in mind the opposite is also true, words have the power to uplift and inspire real friendship. The old adage is certainly true, "If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all." Whether you mean to say them or not, it is important to realize the effect your words have on your friends. Your words can literally transform them by making them think differently about themselves.

So before you speak, carefully consider the words that are about to leave your lips. Be kind to your friends and people around you. Use your words to restore hope in people's lives. Keep in mind that it only takes a single word to negatively or positively impact real friendship.

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I'm revealing to you ten things to look for in determining what makes a good friend, keep in mind that when you have a good friend you have pretty much to speak your mind to him or her.

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