Are you ready to receive in each moment who you truly are? Are you ready to receive each moment in the fullness of your being? Are you ready to receive everything you´ve once rejected, because you deemed it bad and negative and feared that it would turn you bad and negative?

And are you ready to receive the bliss that you rejected, because you considered it too magnificent and simple to be true for you or because fear told you it wouldn´t last forever?

If we are governed by fear, we are governed by the belief that life is a permanent struggle and fight for survival. A battle with everything around us that we have to face over and over again in order to continue existing.

A life governed by fear is a life only lived on the mode of survival. We don´t consider life to be a blessing, but a continuous struggle. The energies of bliss, joy and love are nothing but our divine essence reflected in our physical bodies. It is too simple for our mind to just BE in bliss, without truly "deserving" it. Without having suffered on our way and thus become "worthy" of being happy.

Fear really puts us into a vicious circle: We fear the light and truth of our being more than anything else. There is no greater threat to the ideas of limitations and unworthiness we hold about ourselves than our true nature. We are so attached to our own lies that we simply cannot stand the truth and do everything to avoid it. There is nothing we fear more than peace, stillness and fulfillment. There is nothing we are more afraid of than love.

So we cannot stand being blissful, but at the same time, we dislike suffering. But life will be a constant suffering unless we are willing to experience ourselves beyond the confines of our mind and our fear.

And suffering becomes an addiction. We need our pain and dramas in order to feel alive. Something inside us tells us that if we simply stopped and felt the fear we´re running away from, something terrible would happen.

Is that true? Well, what is below our fear? What is it we´re so afraid of? Yes, it is the truth of our being, but it is as well all the pain and sadness accumulated throughout the course of our life. We´ve always run from pain and thus accumulated it within our bodies.

What you really want, your deepest desire, is nothing you can find outside. You are longing for connection and true acceptance, for infinite peace, bliss and love. You can´t find it outside of you, because it is who you are. The reason you are not experiencing it, is not that is not there. You´re not experiencing it because it is below all of your stuffed emotions of fear, anger and sadness, below all your pain and unprocessed experiences. It´s the stuff your whole identity is based upon. We hate our stories of suffering and yet we are attached to them, because they are what gives meaning and sense to our life. Who would you be outside of your victim stories? Who would you be if there was no one to blame for all the things you´ve labeled bad, wrong, not how it should have been?

If our stories of victim and drama make us suffer so much, how come we are attached to them? Well, there is something we´re getting from them. We´re benefitting in some way.
We get to be right and we get not to question any further. In our minds, this makes things very easy, though complicated at the same time, as we always have to justify ourselves for being in such a mess. And by blaming others for our fate and fighting them in any way possible, we do not keep our misery to ourselves, but spread it out in the world.

If we are suffering and not facing the cause of it, all we can give to and share with others is suffering and pain.

If we are suffering and vulnerable to our pain and sadness, our heart opens and love and compassion shines through. Any type of energy whether if be fear, pain, sadness, anger, despair, frustration or anything else will melt into peace once we have the courage to fully experience it without making a story or identity out of it. The shift may not be instant, but you will instantly feel more alive and more authentic. You will feel the stillness of your heart deep within, below all the superficial chattering of your mind.

When you are willing to feel whatever there is inside of you, everything around you changes. No matter how bad or undeserving you believe yourself to be, the moment you are willing to accept all of your suffering as nothing but a bunch of beliefs and emotions, your resistance melts away and you are truly receiving. No matter how intense your pain, if you have the courage to feel it, accept it and finally appreciate it for the awareness it has brought you, it cannot stay with you. It needs your constant effort of resisting and judging it, blaming others for it and running away from it to be kept from flowing and dissolving as this is what it would naturally do.

Take a stand right now: Declare your willingness to feel no matter what. Declare your willingness to fully accept and appreciate every single part of you. And declare your willingness to fully receive the fullness of your being.
Welcome to the light!

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Benedikt Dommes is a pioneer in the field of bliss coaching, an expert in inner peace, and a gifted author, mainly in the field of spirituality and self-development. His first language is German, but he is equally at ease with English and French.
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