Very often we find ourselves in situations that make us get angry. Imagine someone driving in front of you at 30 in an 80 mph lane, or an encounter with a rude customer care agent, or even harassment from a harsh supervisor? How do you deal with the pressure or stressful situations?

Most people don’t know that some of the most successful people in the world have to remain calm even when faced with very stressful conditions. They have to tolerate humiliating headlines in various media houses and even some embarrassing questions by some journalists. Remaining calm is what keeps them prosperous and relevant in the society. Here are some tricks which, if used correctly, can help one to remain calm under pressure.

1. Keeping Relaxed Faces

Facial expressions are considered as a robust non-verbal communication tool. By looking at someone’s face, one can understand the feeling or the message being communicated. Happiness, grief, love, and even shock are some of the feelings that can be communicated through facial expressions. When one has zero patience, the face is one of the most critical parts that can show his frustrations. You just need to observe their eyes, the movement of the nose and forehead among others.

When faced with stressful situations, it is advisable to keep your face relaxed. Try your best and ensure that you don’t let the other person read your mind through your face. By keeping your face rested, you cool the situation down as your offender’s reaction is impaired by your inaction. He has no reason whatsoever to continue offending you since you are not reacting.

2. Stay Chilled

When you are secretly burning inside, it is vital to stay OK as if nothing wrong is going on. If your boss or supervisor is angry with you, don’t confront them or react to their words. If you are dealing with a rude customer care agent, keep asking him or her the right questions and don’t let anger lead you.

By staying calm under pressure, you get a chance to understand what is going on around and read the mind of those offending you. It also becomes more comfortable for the person hurting you to realize his mistake in time as he will discover that he is rude to someone who is very cool. It is advisable not to engage in any form of exchange with the person offending you.

3. Learn Different Ways to Carry Someone

When you interact with people for a long time, it is advisable to try to understand how they behave and avoid a frustrated face. If it’s your spouse at home, you should try to understand his or her behavior how he or she reacts to different situations. If in the workplace, it is essential to know people by their actions. Try to understand what makes your partner or boss angry and the extent to which they tolerate some behaviors.

By understanding the people around you, you can quickly know how to be cool and handle them carefully. You can watch your behavior to ensure that you do not go beyond their limit. Besides, you can easily predict when someone is about to get angry and avoid any confrontation with them. This can help you handle people differently depending on their behaviors and still not get mad.

4. Train Yourself to Keep Calm and Be Cool

When one is offended, one is tempted to react, and in most cases, a stupid and regrettable mistake is then committed. It’s better not to be in haste to respond to any act of aggression. It is advisable to train yourself to be patient even when someone has offended you.

When you remain cool and fail to react to someone’s acts of aggression, you also help to turn away anger from that person. In most cases, the continued exchange between the differing parties aggravates hatred and revenge. However, if one side would desist from taking part in that bitter exchange and consider staying calm, the other party would naturally cool down. The unresponsiveness of one party makes the exchange irrelevant and helps in controlling anger in both parties.

5. Be More Patient

Nothing is as essential as knowing how to be patient when faced with a difficult situation. Patience gives you time to read and understand the other person and whatever is going on around. Patience allows you to read the mind of the person who is offending you and find a way to get yourself out of the situation amicably. It also sends a mixed signal to the person who is hurting you as he isn’t aware of how you are taking his words or actions.

When you remain patient, you prevent yourself from taking an action that you will regret later. When you remain patient, you don’t interrupt the operations of the person offending you. Through patience, the other person gets a chance to express all he had exhaustively. Besides, a patient person gives the offender to reflect on his actions, understand his mistake, and even ask for an apology after realizing his mistake.

6. Learn to Get Out of Any Crisis Situation

You may be in a stressful situation at work, or under undue pressure to accomplish some task. When at home with your family, there is so much that is expected of you, and there is so much you expect from others. In many places that you spend your time at, it is vital to train yourself to handle the different crises that you come across.

When you train yourself to operate in any situation, it will always be easy for you to maintain a calm face even when everyone else is unable to do so. You should train yourself how and when to respond to the various stressful situations. Identify practices that you can apply to get yourself out of any problematic situation.

These are just a few of the many tips to calm down that you can use in your daily life. If these bits of advice are regularly applied, they can have a significant impact in helping people stay calm at work or any other stressful situation and not quite what they are doing. The ability to remain calm irrespective of the situation can play a meaningful role in improving not only our health but also our homes, workplaces, community, and the world at large.

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Alice Berg is a blogger and a career advisor at Skillroads, who received a degree in Social Work and Applied Social Studies. Now she helps people to find their own way in life, gives career advice and guidance, helps young people to prepare for their careers. You can find Alice on Twitter.