Reading & the Brain Has a Breakthrough. Wow, It Works.

• 1. For Brainiacs & other “smart-folks”: up to 70% of U. S. high school students are lousy (not proficient) readers. So what?

• 2. N.A.E.P. (National Assessment of Educational Progress), indicates average high school “reading-scores” are up to 2-5 years “below” Grade-Level.

• 3. “Forget succeeding in college, they are ill-equipped to compete in the “new” economy. Critical reading skills are required for computer use, automation, and robotics.”

• 4. They may become a permanent “underclass”, while living off the government, instead of contributing to our economy.”
Google: Biancarosa & Snow. See: National Assessment of Education Progress.

• 5. Now please get this distinction. It is “not” that high school does not teach them how to “read”. Problem: they “cannot” comprehend the “words” that they do read.

• There is a weak level of understanding (meaning)?
How can there be reading, without comprehension? Right!
See: National Center on Education And The Economy

• 6. Enter the RasterMaster, a handheld “laser-pacer”. Using the RM to create a laser-beam (wave) dividing (separating), the words of EACH sentence. So what?

• Your brain is forced (by the light-beam) to pay Attention to reading, and not the surrounding distractions. Scientific Fact: what we pay attention to arouses “consciousness” (thinking-feeling-imagination.) What else?

• a) reading speed is increased up to triple (3x). See: OKR (OptoKinetic Reflex): new eye-movements caused by the RM almost triples (3x) your reading skills.

• b) the laser-pointer-pacer (RM) beam helps get you in-the-flow, and comprehension increases up to 15%. Standard school reading is only One-Word-At-A-Time. Slow-and-boring.

• c) long-term memory improves up to 2x because of intense attention to the text. Speed Reading three-five-words at a time becomes “hardwired”, a right-brain HABIT after 21 days of practice for 15-minutes daily.

• Your RasterMaster is your “Fail-Safe” to improve your eye-movements for speed, memory, and comprehension.

• d) our brain has evolved to search for “patterns” (differences and similarities = associations) in everything we SEE, HEAR, & FEEL. Patterns are assigned “meaning”, and improve comprehension, and long-term memory.

• 7. The back half of our brain: Occipital Lobe (cortex) is devoted to recognizing Patterns. What kind? Visual, including Reading patterns. We remember the SHAPES of the letters & words.
Google: “Reading in the brain”,
• We have tested and proven the value of reading-training for underperforming young kids (3-6th grade), high school students for the SAT, and college students for entrance exams for graduate and professional schools. Our “fail-safe” is the RM.

• Up to 87% after training, ACE their exams and grades. They “permanently” retain these speed reading & long-term memory skills. Our graduates have a “unique” competitive advantage in school & career for life. It’s all about our RM as a “fail-safe”.

• See: and view the Jimmy Carter video, and on Youtube, “Speed Reading 101 at Columbia University.” Email us with questions at:
• Ask for Hal W, Educational Director.
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H. Bernard Wechsler, business partner of Evelyn Wood, creator of Speed Reading, graduating 2-million, including the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents.

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See Jimmy Carter video on speed reading: See: Youtube: "speed reading 101 at Columbia University"