“Before You Can Learn & Remember, Two-Brain Signals.”
• 1. Me: “Did you know your evolutionary brain hates change? It considers it a threat. Learning is included.”

• 2. You: “So what? Is there a solution to being a great learner?”

• 3. Me: “Yes, and it’s quick and easy. But you have to know it, and then implement it before each learning session.”

• 4. You: “How long does it take, and is it permanent?”

• 5. Me: “One-minute each to install in your nervous system, and lasts for 90-minutes.”

• 6. You: “That’s all, 90-minutes. So it’s not a permanent fix.”

• 7. Me: “You got that right. Remember most students study and learn for less than 30-minutes.”

• 8. You: “Why does the brain “hate” Change?”

• 9. Me: “It’s the Amygdala part of the ancient, evolutionary brain. It wants to protect you from danger so you can survive and procreate the species.

• It knows the ways that kept your alive up to now. What to eat, what to run away from, when to fight. Any change is unknown and represents a DANGER.”

• 10. You: “So learning is changing the status quo, from known to unknown. That’s why learning new stuff is hard.”

• 11. Me: “Right. Here’s what works for 10,000 students who learned at Speedreading101.org Half attend school, the other 50% are adults. Many are corporate executives.

• First: located 2-inches above your Left-Eyebrow. Called
“left-dorso-lateral-Prefrontal-Cortex (d-l-p-f-c).” It’s the site of your Willpower. Take your right index finger & point at it for five-seconds just before you want to learn.

Do it just before an Exam, interview or presentation, & you activate your learning power. Got it?”

• 12. You: “Sounds simple enough. Takes a minute, lasts for 90-minutes of learning, right? It overcomes fear of new stuff?”

• 13. Me: “Exactly. It uses your conscious left-brain to inhibit the Amygdala from fight-or-flight. Now the second
Signal to your brain’s Neural Networks for Power learning.

• Location: one-inch below your belly-button, navel, umbilicus, is the site of your conscious Intention. That activates your Attention, (judgment, decisions, & behaviors). Just Point at this area for five-seconds.

• 14. You: “And “learning” kicks-in instead of my brain fighting me as “Danger-Danger”, right?”

• 15. Me: “On the money. One added attraction to Double your learning skills and long-term memory? You do Not have to do it. Our graduates highly recommend it. But only if you want to be a Brainiac. Yes or no?”

• 16. You: “Tell me and I’ll test it.”

• 17. Me: “Can you SMILE intentionally, without any reason?
Good. I won’t bore you with the names of the three ‘core’ facial-expression muscles you activate when Smiling. The benefits are feeling-good, and improving your memory.

• Smiling requires showing your teeth while squinting your eyes slightly. Smiles for 18-seconds activate speed reading & Peripheral Vision skills. Keep this smile on your face for one-minute while Pointing at your Willpower & Intention. Good?”

18. You: “I’ll try it both ways, just pointing, and pointing & smiling. OK?”

19. Me: “A Cost-Benefit-Analysis (C-B-A) says a couple of minutes of these strategies doubling your learning skills is worthwhile.
Our motto is: “The faster you learn, the more you EARN. And, “You SNOOZE, you lose.”
See ya.
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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