Books are the gateway to immense wisdom but any good thing is achieved after crossing many obstacles, the same is the case with reading books and getting the resources to reach this world of wisdom. There are many in the world who are unable to afford even buying the curriculum books and resort to old libraries for help, for them to reach out this wisdom of thousands of books outside the curriculum seems impossible. This is one side of the issue.


The ones who can read and have the resources to do so may seem very lucky but they have their own set of problems like lack of time to actually sit and completed a hardbound book, the will dies when we calculate how much time will the book take to complete even if they begin with it. Hence lack of time in today’s generation is a thing for sure. People are eagerly looking out for a way, a solution to curb these issues to enter this world of wisdom. That is where RollingSlate comes into play.


 It is a free service that selects the most revolving and latest books from known national and international authors and provides a detailed chapter-wise summary of the book, in the form of quickly readable or listenable Slates, in English as well as regional Indian languages. What catches the eye is that readers will get a gist summary of the book they have been longing to or planning to read which contains all the core values and knowledge the book had to offer. This keeps your busy schedule going as it has to without losing out on learning and gaining something new.


Empowering masses through knowledge


Students which are the most precious resource for any country can only give wings to their imagination if they read and gain more than ever to supplement their sustained knowledge but obstacles to getting access to expensive books often tend to appear very solid. Getting help through the short slates at RollingSlate, without spending a single amount of penny curbs away all the problems considering the phone is an inevitable resource for every student in the 21st century.


Lack of time is also set free because you just read a few specially curated chapters of the summary on the site and you are well versed with all the wisdom there is to gain and also the way these are curated keeps the feeling and alignment of the author intact. You get more knowledge than ever before which may make your yearly or monthly aim of reading book increase or rather sky rocket.


For example, in today’s contemporary world the concept of bitcoin is highly prevalent especially when the world suffered from economic calamities like the one in 2008 and also many mismanagements in other financial sectors. People are prompted to read and now about the new system of bitcoins and cryptocurrency to keep up with the world around but they may not have resources or more importantly the time to read the various books and collect information about the same.


The Bitcoin Standard, a book about how money has evolved through times immemorial to the times of the world accepting cryptocurrency and what are the factors that fueled such development.  We develop an understanding of these footsteps and also look forward to what could be our footsteps. It makes clear why it is essential to curb the issue of middleman and government interference and how it is already benefiting a lot of people around the world in money transactions. It shows that even if it’s a much-needed change it still faces teething problems. Hence in the curated summary, you gain all this required wisdom from the book.


RollingSlate as mentioned not only carries the vision that provides the world’s largest virtual library but that also gets a pass with various obstacles book lovers face and those who don’t even have an idea about this world get an entry to this every increasing pandora box of knowledge.

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