Have you ever wondered why so many New Year's resolutions fail? At least you keep making new ones each year. Tell me, did you achieve your New Year's resolution the exact way you wanted? It happens that we let ourselves break small rules. This ends up building the outright of cheating on the whole plan of the resolution. Once the whole plan is not followed, you'll be left with no hopes of trying to salvage the New Year's resolutions.

When you know your weakness is going to be a barrier in achieving your New Year's resolution, then it is smart to think about getting an accountability friend. Knowing that you have agreed with your friend about achieving your goals before the year ends; this will make you to be focused in achieving the goal. You can term this as a fear of creating an impression that if you don't achieve your goal as agreed with your friend, then you'll have lost your trust. This of course gives you motivation of sticking to the whole plan of the New Year's resolution.

By the way, I value accountability as a way that ensures things happen. When you have a close friend as an accountability partner, you're no longer alone in the journey and also you'll have your friend as someone who will be just excited by your success as you are. You need someone who will be there for you when you're faced with challenges.

Bear in mind that the friend you choose for accountability matters a lot, so you should go about it in a careful way. Often the best choice is a friend who is trying to achieve the same New Year's resolution as yours. For example, a friend who wants to lose weight can provide you with much help and encouragement that you need.

The downside of having an accountability friend is that it can backfire on you. Resentment can build up between you and your friend if one of you becomes tired of being "policed." Even though both of you agree to the accountability, you should first of all set clear boundaries.

You don't necessarily want a drill sergeant; this will just make you want to give up. In addition there needs to be a confidentiality agreement, the two of you should never discuss your progress with anyone else. Clearly outline what you expect from each other.

A close friend is not always the best option. If you're sure that your close friend will be counterproductive, then you can find someone else who will give you the support you need. There are support groups available with professionals and they can work better for many people. They keep the personal aspect out of the accountability partnership and instead they offer a more business like atmosphere.

Find professional accountability group that is ideal for your New Year's resolutions and begin to see real progress toward budgeting, weight loss, addiction recovery or whatever your personal goal is. It will offer you with all the support that a friend would give but without the complications of a personal relationship.

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