One of the strongest desires we all have is the desire for recognition. For each person who goes to bed hungry for food, there are thousands who go to bed hungry for acknowledgment. With the daily rush to get from here to there, we frequently forget how easy it is to make another happy.

We are taught from the time we are toddlers how to establish goals and objectives as well as how we should work to become successful. We fill our heads with formulas and phrases which promise to be the Holy Grail which leads to a productive life. Normally, this knowledge leads us to an activity which to some extent provides sustenance and the basic necessities.

Unfortunately, in far too many cases we don’t show our youngsters how to be caring human beings. We are taught what to do though not how to do it. As if we are producing robots which come off an assembly line, our youngsters leave school and our homes with knowledge about the world in which we live and little about the importance of human relations.

If only I could change all this with a few lines in this newsletter!

I realize my limitations and those of others. As I roll through the ages of time in this wonderful journey we call life, I realize the importance of human contact. While time alone to reflect and think is important for all, so also is time to share with others.

After analyzing the desires of the participants in my conferences and workshops, I have come to the conclusion what we most desire, unless we are masochists, is happiness. While there are many ways to experience happiness, our strongest feelings generally manifest themselves when we share with others.

Think for a moment of all the people you have met in your life. Unless they have passed on to another reality which we will all one day discover, they are all doing something in this instant. A myriad of activities which may include eating, talking, reading, or perhaps even making love!

I have thought about how marvelous it would be to be able to connect with each of these people we know by a simple transmission of thought. While I’m convinced I have occasionally achieved this objective, I also realize we can connect instantaneously with virtually anybody any where in the world by simply reaching out and punching a few buttons on a telephone. As if by magic, we are immediately talking with someone regardless of their location.

With the invention of the computer and other means of “virtual” communication, we often forget it is just as easy to lift up a telephone and dial a few numbers to connect up close and personal with another human being. Whether it be with a phone call, a personal handwritten note, an e mail or a big bear hug, brighten the day of those you know. Reach out and touch the heart of someone today because you never know, tomorrow might be too late…

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Rob's mission is to train and inspire people to personal and professional excellence. He has developed an innovative and exciting method for individuals and companies to Bounce Back from our most challenging times by capitalizing on our most valuable resources. His ideas are transmitted through conferences, seminars and workshops.