How often have you received a present that you did not like and passed it on? If yes, then there isn't anything that you will need to feel bad about. A recent study reveals that regifting is now not considered as a bad thing. In fact, the trend of regifting is being increasingly accepted. However, hold on before you pass on that undesired gift. There are many rules that you have to familiarise yourself with before you follow the trend of regifting.

You definitely don't want the new receiver to know about your act so you want to get rid of all preexisting receiver cards from the gift. The gift voucher must bear the name of the present receiver only and in no way should it have the name of an old receiver.

You have to also pay attention to the gift wrapping while re-gifting. It is very straightforward to tell whether a gift has been lying around for sometime by simply looking at the state of the gifting paper. If you'd like to present 2 sun shades, remember to change the case it came in. Also change the wrapping paper to make the gift look fresh and attractive.

Never ever tell you're regifting. Folk wish to accept that what is being gifted has been selected after a good deal of thought. Telling your chum that you're gifting her the shoes that you received last year, means conveying that you're giving away something you didn't like or wasn't handy. Silence is surely the golden rule here.

When it is about regifting, the majority only give away things that are utterly undesirable. However, it is okay to regift good things too. Gift your pal a cookery book for diabetes in case she is dealing with the problem and you have one already.

Decide on the people you re-gift extraordinarily fastidiously. You must be 100% sure that you're not giving away presents to family members or chums of people that originally gave you the present. There is a chance that notes will be exchanged and you would get caught in the process. Therefore, it's careful to write down a list of gifts given by people and pick folks for re-gifting appropriately.

Re-gifting is a good way to gift folk without needing to spend a lot of cash. But while you pass on presents, remember to not give away something that's truly horrible. Of course, the concept here is to make the recipient feel good and cared for.

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