The end of the this year, like the end of an old paradigm, brings with it a time of deep contemplation. What worked, what didn't, and why? The future is born out of the past with a dash of what we add in the moment. May each moment and every decision bring you closer to knowing Love.

This is the end of the male reality. We no longer need fenced in properties nor control of everything. Controlling everything and everyone has brought a lot of fear and the imagined enemies are a reason for even more control. Let us stop this madness right now! Instead of fences and control we should use confidence and love. These are the feminine qualities of life.

It is not about what is out there: job, house, car or spouse. These are prestige qualities. Human qualities come from within!

It is from inside out! This is the end of separation. Love is our connection to people, earth, stars and the Universe/God/Allah or whatever you call that unique source we are all connected to. Even religions are no longer important as we are all energy and ONE. We are all unique and equal! it is time to bring back trust, love, respect and peace. You all are here to set up a different world.

Now our activities should set up situation where we have to meet certain people. Be free and listen to your inner voice. It will guide you to meet the people who are important for you! Trust your inner self.

Trust your internal heart experience. You only evolve through growing. Set up your goals which are bigger than your current reality. Our reality is the result of our thoughts. Therefore get out of your comfort zone and let your consciousness grow!

Write down 101 goals related to what you want to be, have and share with the world!

If we want to change our world we need new hope and visions! Only then we can stop the madness of banks and politics! Get together with like minded people and be active! The aim should not be for money, but for love!!! Add the right ingredients for the future in every moment! Always act with love and peace from your heart!

This is your Mantra for this week and the change of the year:

"With bold determination I rise to the occasion.
My strength lies in knowing,
That within my heart is growing,
A deeper understanding,
Of what it means to love."

Author's Bio: 

Angela Schulz-Henke is a success and business coach. She loves to see her clients thrive and live a fulfilled life.
Her mentor is John Assaraf, Bob Proctor, Bruce Lipton and for marketing Chris Cardell and Michael Gerber.
She just founded a Business Coaching Company with 2 other ladies to coach small companies and people who want to set up their own business or improve their business in a rapid changing market.