Re-channeling Stress into Something Positive

What if someone told you there was a way that you could re-channel the negative effects of stress into something that is productive and positive? What if someone told you that you literally redefine yourself into a negative belief when you are constantly in stressful situations? Would you believe them, and more importantly, would you listen?

There is no doubt that stress is something that we all encounter, as the negative effects of it can reshape our current state of mind. For the most part, when this occurs we don’t even realize it, as our inner-senses are transformed as if we were wearing some sort of blindfold. Stress management is important during our normal routines in life, and without managing the effects of stress properly; we can succumb into a state that is incomprehensible. Let us look at two specific ways in which we can re-channel stress while creating while an atmosphere of change.

Come to the realization that not everything in life can be changed

When we start thinking of what could have been and how we should have done something different, the realization is simple, we cannot change what has already occurred. When we put ourselves into a position or mindset of constantly reliving the past, we are introducing stress into our lives. With that being said, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to accept the fact that not everything can be changed and move on. Plan for the future, worry about what can be changed, and then change it.

Suppressing guilt or having resentment towards others will only bring about negative afflictions. These afflictions will surely change your outlook on things and cloud your better judgment. When this occurs, you will make irrational decisions which will ultimately add to your current state. Following this will help to bring resolve to your life while making you hopeful for things to come, instead of what could have happened.

Re-channel: Create a list of any past situations, relationships, instances, and any mistakes that you feel that you may have made. Literally, write all this down along with the negative feelings that each one may have created. If you feel that you are to blame for a relationship that has gone bad and you feel angry because of it, then write it down. After this is done, look at each instance and the feelings that it has caused and ask yourself, “What can I do to finally get closure?” If you need to make a phone call to a past friend, then do so. If you need to ask for forgiveness from another, then do so. The bottom line with this is that you will never be at peace with yourself unless you are able to move on entirely. In most instances, to have closure all you have to do is let it go.

Do not be absorbed by other people’s problems as they will soon become your problems.

Some people constantly live on an emotional roller coaster and they will take anyone along for the ride if they stand in their way. When around one of these individuals get out of their way, as being around them will surely add to your level of stress. Making this personal to you will surely put yourself into a position as their problems will soon become your problems.

If you are in an area where there are loud and un-ruling people around, change locations. If someone is trying to vent their personal anger to you, be polite, and excuse yourself from the situation. You cannot control the behavior of others, but you can surely control being around the behavior itself.

Re-channel: Look at past occurrences where someone else has been able to add to your own stress. Do you see any patterns in these such as similar situations or the same people? If so, devise an alternate strategy which takes you out of those similar occurrences or away from the same people as a means of reducing your own stress. When doing so, make sure that you are able to remain comfortable with your surroundings and the situation that you are moving towards. Become familiar with this course of action so that it can be easily implemented in the future.

Managing stress for continual happiness

Learning how to deal with stress by re-channeling the effects of what causes it can be a key to being happy. No one will argue that stress overcomes many of us from time to time, but determining specific indicators as to the onset and then dealing with changing that will help to eliminate it all-together. When doing so, you will notice a substantial difference in your personal well-being as well as your personal satisfaction. Ultimately, this will bring about situational awareness of stress management, as self-help will help to preserve you.

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