Raynaud’s Syndrome is a great source of discomfort for the sufferer. Patients may have blotchy, discolored extremities, or may experience tingling and pain in the affected areas and numbness and spasming as well.

Which category of workers is most affected by Raynaud’s Syndrome?

Raynaud’s Syndrome affects certain people without any underlying cause; i.e. the reasons cannot be determined. This is called Primary Raynaud’s Syndrome. Others get Raynaud’s Syndrome because of certain underlying disease. This type of syndrome is known as Secondary Raynaud’s phenomenon.

There are several hazards at workplaces or you can say various underlying factors which can cause Secondary Raynaud’s Syndrome in workers including:

Exposure to vibration from power tools like chain saws, jack hammers, pneumatic rock drillers and chippers. Vibration from such tools may also damage nerves, muscles, joints of hands and arms and muscles.
Workers exposed to high levels of chemicals may also suffer from Raynaud’s Syndrome.
Typists and pianists who suffer from repeated finger stress can develop this pathology
Studies also suggest that fish plant workers may also develop this syndrome as they have to constantly chill and re-warm their hands several times
Gripping hand tools too tightly can also cause Raynaud’s Syndrome.
Certain workers who have injured their hands while hammering, twisting or pushing heavy objects may also develop Raynaud’s Syndrome.
How can Physical Therapy help to treat Raynaud’s Syndrome?

Physical Therapists can help a lot the workers suffering from Raynaud’s Syndrome. They will develop a customized treatment plan after assessing your condition. Physical Therapy can help the affected workers in the following way:

Exercises directed towards increasing range of motion and enhancing muscle power may be suggested.
Stretches for all the affected areas like; hands, face and feet are incorporated in the exercises.
Aerobic activities including deeper breathing may be recommended. These exercises for lungs and respiratory muscles are directed towards lung expansion.
Connective Tissue Manipulation by an experienced and certified physical therapist is considered to be the most effective treatment. Gentle massage of connective tissues can improve blood circulation to the affected area and spasms in hands and feet as well.
Physical therapists may also suggest certain life-style changes including; staying warm, keeping your hands and fingers covered in cold weather, layered clothing, coats, heavy socks, mittens under gloves etc.
Exercises to treat stress and anxiety like relaxation techniques and visualization may be suggested.
Patients may be trained in the exercises that stimulate blood flow in order to prevent symptoms.
Physical therapists may use certain modalities to generate and stimulate blood flow.
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