To create online store, there are efforts and strategies need to be put in place. Not only the technology know-how but a large amount of cash is involved too. But since Indian E-Commerce industry is on the verge of boom, there are lots of investors getting ready to pump in the cash
required for the functioning of an online web-store. Yet, there are many mid-size and small size entrepreneurs existing in India who don’t have the capacity to reach out to venture capitalists or investors to fund their projects. So a need arises for an online store builder which can be helpful for every stratum of the business owners.

Various Options in the Market

For people willing to create online stores, there are two prominent options available – offline consulting and reach out to online store builders. The first is more relevant to the big projects and high end market concepts, the second is more viable to general not-so high profile people. There are various E-Commerce Website designing and developing tools present in the market but with requirement of some sort of owner intervention in the development process is a painstaking activity. People have to get themselves engaged into the process of designing and developing which leads to a bit of inconvenience to the owners who are usually not that much tech savvy.

Ratoon is the answer

With the emergence of Ratoon in the market of Online Store Builders, even the most naïve user in the technology world will be able to manage online store comfortably. Ratoon comes with a “Do it for me” attitude with all the services related to E-Commerce website being provided by the young and energetic team of professionals. Be it online store development, showroom
management, payment gateway integration, logistics tie-ups, online marketing or an exhaustive level of web analytic services, everything is served on the platform of Ratoon. With exquisite themes and low pricing options,

Ratoon aims at providing rich features to the customers who don’t want any headache related to their E-Commerce website management. Ratoon will handle all the technical portion of the online business for the owner making it extremely lightweight activity for any person wanting to expand in the world of E-Commerce. As compared to its
competitors, Ratoon’s pricing and free trial options makes it superior to others. While it’s exhaustive solution for the business owners through handling of multiple tasks at same time and at same platform makes it stand apart in the crowd. So in case you are planning to indulge into any type of online business world, let Ratoon “Do it for you” for an un-imagined experience.

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We(Ratoon) are the India's first managed E-commerce website builder.We design, build, manage and grow your e-commerce business with a world class web & mobile e-commerce website. We bring to you a specially designed solution to enhance your business and ensure your Online Business gets visibility all over the E-commerce industry.