For many countries, their source of economic growth is from extraction of rare earth metals. Mining of different rare elements in underdeveloped countries is providing a boost in their economic conditions. Moreover we can say that rare metals have been directly associated with the economic growth for most of the countries. If a country produces a specific or multiple metals, either it will be used for their development or sold or exported to other countries for their different requirements. Metals are exported and imported to fulfill the different necessities.

Rare earth mining has become popular in the 20th century and one of the best platforms for economic development. Countries such as China, India and South Africa are experiencing their growth ratio far better than the days of past due to their rare earth element mine. They have expanded their reach in mining. They have stretched their mining activities.

As we know that metals are recyclable and as far as rare earth metals are concerned some of them cannot be recycled but many of them can be recycled depending on where they are being used i.e. manufacturing of batteries, mobile phones, computers and many other important aspects in both domestic and commercial sectors.

By decreasing the rare earth mining, we can minimize the negative effects on our environment coming from the rare earth elements mine. It will save the excessive uses of resources. It is sad to say that the way we are exploiting the earth for its rare earth metals, we don’t think of recycling of the already present metals above the grounds, instead inside the ground. In 2010, with the efforts by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) a report published by International Resource Panel on the recycling of metals and their stocks exist within our society. Mining of fresh elements from the earth can decrease the potency of being economically strong country.

In the report it was observed that the rare elements present in the society or above the grounds can be the best rare earth elements mine. They can serve as the huge mines. Many elements are used in the manufacturing of variety of domestic and commercial products. When we stop using those products such as mobile phones, fuel cells, hybrid cars etc, it is necessary required to recycle those products and obtain those elements so that mining of the fresh elements can be avoided.

Rare earth mining is necessary but should ignore the fact of recycling and reusing the metals above the grounds. Recycling will affect the economic growth of any country positively.

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