When winter goes away, spring comes with all the beauties that it brings. The world becomes a colorful place and somehow the cycle of life starts from the beginning, making everything be born again. The earliest religions in the world believed in this cycle of life and they always made certain sacrifices in order to welcome the spring and in order to have a good harvest. Back in those days, there were far more different animals and plants than now. Although new species are discovered almost every day, a much bigger amount of them is dying out. Scientist do their best in order to save what they can but mankind destroys nature. The worst thing is, it is not a very slow process, and many animals and plants are wiped off the face of the earth recklessly. People should be shown what they did and their awareness on this matter should be increased because spring will not be spring in a few years and the natural cycle will be broken. We must fight for the beauty of our world, and here are some flowers which will soon cease to exist and their beauty will, thus, perish from this planet.

A hidden treasure of Philippines is about to be revealed

Who would have guessed that the plant which is closely connected to the beans and peas family can be endangered? But, certainly, there are some plants that are from this family and exist on the Philippines. Well, it is hard to say “exist”; the more appropriate collocation would be – barely exist. Jade Vine, or known to the biologists as Strongylodon macrobotrys is actually a flower. I know that you never looked at the bean plant and saw a flower, but this one certainly is. There are hanging trusses on this plant from which flowers grow, and the size can reach up to one meter. You can find this plant in either the light blue or the light green color, but in order to find it, you must search really hard. Even the people of the Philippines doubt its existence, but those who saw it, claim that it is the most beautiful flower in the world.

A flower that was infected by a zombie virus

Sometimes nature plays with us and then it gives us something very interesting such as the flower called the Corpse Flower. It is mainly red, with small white spots on it, and its width can be up to one meter. This enormously large flower is interesting for one more reason – it does not contain all the parts that one flower should contain. Instead, it consists of one vein and a huge blossom, which covers the vein and makes it invisible. Therefore, if you look at the flower from a distance, it would seem like someone dropped it right there. But this flower does not cease to amaze those who look at it. Namely, it has some kind of defense mechanism which gets activates when it is in danger – a smell of rotten flesh. The flower actually emits that smell in order to drive away all the annoying insects that want to land on it. That is actually why they call it Corpse Flower. But, when we look at it objectively, we can see why it is on the edge of existence – it simply does not possess enough strength, should I say, in order to survive. One vein needs to be cut in order to end its life. Besides that, the flowers can be found in Indonesia, or more precisely in its rainforests. If you dare go there to search for this rare and beautiful flower, make sure that you bring perfume or people will think that you have become a zombie.

All in all, nature can make this planet an interesting place to live in. We just need to look a bit under that old and boring surface and we can find a lot of interesting things which can make life a bit more exciting. Jade Vine and Corpse flower are just two out of many such flowers which exist somewhere and are still not discovered. But, if you really like flowers, why don't you go and buy a simple one to someone who is close to you. I'm sure that it won't smell like a corpse!

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Ivan is a blogger with plenty of experience in home improvement, garden improvement and indoor/outdoor design. When it comes to gardening, he prefers old fashioned roses, but he is interested in finding out more about rare and exotic flowers.