Rank Builder is another SEO automated tool in a world filled with such tools that are meant to do one thing and one thing only – allow you to get top rankings for your various keywords and do so as fast as possible by automating tasks which may usually take you hours or days when done manually.

I'm actually an Senuke fanatic and I think it is the top multi function SEO automatic link building tool you can get, but as Search engine optimization is in the core of my business I need to check everything that's kicking off in order to ensure I stay updated and don’t miss anything. This is only one reason Rank Builder grabbed my attention.

The 2nd reason is the person behind it. His name is Maulana and he has been dominating the product launch scene over the past few months getting top Google rankings for some major product launches. So, when I heard he is literally gonna sell the tool he was using to obtain all of those top rankings I was intrigued and I simply had to check it out.

Rank Builder Link Wheel Creation & RSS Creation

What this do is not just create on autopilot your accounts in different Web 2.0 properties but it can even submit your articles to all the directories even if you’re not new the PC. The best thing of course is that Rank Builder Link Wheel supports spun articles, so Google or another search engine wont penalt you or slap you for duplicate content! It also has a RSS feature. Let me explain. When Rank Builder post your articles in your Web 2.0 properties and afterward collect the URLs. After you could simple create RSS feed with those URL, submit it to different aggregator sites and that’s way your articles are indexed fast and acquire your site high ranking really fast!

Rank Builder Social Bookmarking

This feature of Rank Builder lets you submit your content into more then 30 social bookmarking sites which boosts your ranking dramaticly in short time! If you ask me only this feature cost more then the entire price for that software.

Rank Builder Profile Links

It is a really useful feature when it comes to increasing your page rank since the software actually creates accounts on high Page Rank (PR) forums, verifies your emails and submits your links to them, which are a part of the software itself. What’s even better, you can add any high page rank forums to the software, making it simple for you to keep ahead of the game.

The Proxy Support

Obviously Rank Builder supports private and public proxies so you can be sure that you're safe whenever you’re crating multiple accounts using the software. It will definately keeps your site from any troubles and with save you hours of manual work or tons of cash for outsoursing everything that this software offers you!

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