Rangers winning series 3-2, but Cardinals have home advantage
The Rangers are one game short of achieving the first World Series championship in the history of the franchise as they defeated the Cardinals yesterday at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington by 4 careers to 2, and are now headed to Busch Stadium to face St. Louis in the sixth game of the series. The Cards knows that they are against the wall, but they also will enjoy of home advantage, and they will certainly try to put things even by winning one more at home, and if they can achieve it, they will go in full confidence to game 7 also at Busch Stadium, where they’ll be looking to celebrate their eleventh World Series title.

Great defense grant Jaguars victory over Ravens
The Ravens went from first place to fourth at the AFC North thanks to their loss of yesterday to the Jaguars by 12-7, in a game that it is currently considered as one of the biggest upsets of the current season, as Jacksonville had lost 5 straight prior to this match, and also entered the game with the fewest points at the AFC and the fewest offensive yards in the NFL. The Jaguars struggled offensively, but the key to their victory was on their defense, as they didn’t allow a single first down before the first two quarters.

Two more NBA weeks to be cancelled today
Negotiations concerning the NBA lockout will continue today, but it seems like they will be headed nowhere as it is reported that David Stern and the league will be canceling two more weeks of action since both parts are on a virtual standstill. The league had already canceled two weeks of regular season, from November 1st to November 14th, and now they are more likely to cancel the rest of the action until November 28, which means that a total of 202 games are going to be wiped out from the regular season schedule.

Palmer likely to beat Boller for starting position
In despite of having had Kyle Boller in their team before bringing Carson Palmer from the Bengals, the Raiders are looking forward to giving the starting quarterback position to the latest since he is more accomplished and similar in his approach to the ball to Jason Campbell, who is going to be out for at least 6 six since he suffered a collarbone injury. Palmer has decided that he will be training intensely during his team’s bye week in order to learn the Raiders’ playbook as he made a few mistakes in his first game with Oakland, whom lost 28-0 to the Chiefs.

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