Veterinary services Raleigh has been taking care of your four legged friends for many years now. Veterinary services Raleigh has been providing medical assistance to animals and its dedicated staff gives the best medical care to the old and sick animals. Veterinary hospital with state-of-the art facilities have been a boon to small town like Raleigh.
Located at Creedmoor Street this facility has been doing noble service for animals and their owners. This institute is dedicated to the highest standard of medical care for all types of pet. This hospital invites all small and large animals and they have special facilities for small animals and birds. This hospital has some of the most well-known veterinarians who have dedicated their lives to the well being of their patients who come in many form and sizes.
Services and facilities available in the Creedmoor animal hospital:
Veterinary service Raleigh has some of the best medical care facilities needed for emergency and regular services. Dog and cat surgery Raleigh include the following services to animals.
? Regular surgical procedures like sterilization are carried out for both cats and dogs.
? Cosmetic surgeries such as ear trimming and tail trimming are also carried out for certain breed of cats and dogs.
? Declawing is done with utmost precision and the post operative care is taken.
? Emergency surgeries are also carried out. Caesarian section is also done in case the pet is unable to deliver normally.
? Urinary bladder stone removal, enterotomy procedure, is carried out on the stomach and intestine of the patients.
? Salivary gland excision is done on breeds of dogs that drool too much.
? Orthopedic surgeries are also done to repair broken bones and joints.
? Ear and eye surgeries are also done on cats and dogs.
Raleigh veterinarians have been providing other services as well for the animal friends. These services include day-care facilities for them. These services are available at reasonable costs; these, day boarding facilities have environmental-friendly kennels and comfortable bedding and nutritious food for them.
The environment is extremely friendly for your pets and we also provide regular bath and de worming medication to check the growth of internal parasites. If you want to book specific services like special medicated baths for lice and tick management, you need to inform us in advance.
Raleigh veterinarians have some of the most eminent doctors in their panel. Some of our doctors are well known for work they have done in this field and their extraordinary achievements are truly inspiring. Most noted doctor we have on our medical board includes Dr. Grubbs who is member of the American Veterinary Dental Society and WCVMA, AVMA, NCVMA. He has considerable knowledge and experience in the orthopedic surgeries of animals.
Our goal is to look after your pets well so that they enjoy healthy life with their owners. We also have exercise yard for your pets and we treat them like our own pets. Your pets are your family and nobody understands that better than us. We provide a friendly, compassionate, and professional place for your pets and they are bound to be benefitted immensely by our services.

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