Question: There is a lot of talk about raising our vibration to our Light bodies instead of ascending.

Divine Mother: Raising your vibration to your Light body is the Ascension process. It is happening. That's what we do here -- we lift the vibration. We change the composition of your cells and the body chemistry.

Question: How much attention do we put on this?

Divine Mother: That is not quite the question. It is happening to everyone. However, those who know that it is happening can encourage it to happen. Again, those who know it is happening also enjoy it happening. It is about knowledge, about having information about it. When you have that knowledge, you enjoy the process and encourage the process. When you are feeling heavy or dense you can bring in Divine Light.

What's happening is the human race as a species is evolving. This is part of the evolution of humanity, this shift into a more illumined physical form, with more Light available, with more brainpower available because more Light is available, with more intelligence available because the Divine Intelligence is being anchored in the heart. The Infinite Intelligence which connects to the heart is being transmitted to the new brain, and an advancement is taking place in the evolution of the human form which you, the Beings of Light who have come here to precipitate this, are initiating. You are doing a good job. Because you are here to do it, you would put your attention on. It would be natural for you to put your attention on it because it is your job.

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