How do you raise your consciousness about money?

Is money spiritual? Is is just a necessity? Is it vital? Here is my point on this. Money is energy because everything is energy. It is a necessity and we need it in order to buy things like groceries, gas, pay our bills, go on vacation, it is mean for us to get the things we want and need in life. So how do we attract more of it? Do you get a job and work a lot of hours trading dollars for time stuck in a "prison", living paycheck to paycheck and have no life or not enough time to do the things we love with the ones we love? How about getting to a spiritual place where we can actually attract all the money we want as long as we are in alignment with ourselves? In other words, get rid of the crap, embrace the life that we have created and make the choice to create another one?

If you do not think that you can create the life of your dreams, think again, you have mastered the ability to create your current life just the way it is... yes if you are poor, you are the one responsible for your poverty with your feelings and thoughts. You have been praying with your feelings and thoughts not your words. I was not taught that growing up and my religion did not teach me to pray with my thoughts and feelings but with my words. This was quite a revelation for me but it makes sense, for a few years, I was really depressed and was quite ready to die because i was tired of life, my life did not have any meaning and i felt lifeless and thought of myself like a "zombie".

My feelings and my thoughts were horrible and even thought i was praying to God, every single day, asking him to answer my prayers with my words while my feelings and thoughts were asking for the exact opposite... no wonder He did not hear me and answer my prayers... I know this might be confusing and it is normal, you only know what you know until you know what you do not know that you now know. Think about this, you have powerfully created your life and you can create a different life, all you have to do is to CHOOSE to feel joy, happiness, love, gratitude and your life will never be the same. Choose POSITIVE thoughts and feelings and every day, yes you will have some bad things happen, acknowledge them, bless them and move on. Figure out what makes your heart sing like listening to music, feeding the hungry, doing the things you love, that will raise your vibration, the higher your ROV (rate of vibration), the more money you make!

Author's Bio: 

I am the Wealth Creation Coach for the Evolving Women Entrepreneurs who are ready to breakthrough their financial limitations and create true wealth standing in their power, living their purpose and creating possibilities.